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Jessie J - R.O.S.E. (4th World Shaping Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Starting to see her performances pop up on Facebook now... with overwhelmingly positive comments.

    Don’t call it a comeback.
  2. Does winning a talent show actually equal sales in China? As it sure doesn’t in the UK.
  3. It seems so random and strange that she did it. Even now it’s all been explained it still is madness
  4. Screaming at this being in comeback corner.
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  5. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I mean, massive respect to her for having the guts to try her luck in China and not just let her career be flushed down the toilet by radio bosses and her record label or whatever went on there, she is obviously a very talented vocalist (with a tendency to do too much, which I've always found grating) and if this leads to a bigger and better career for her in another part of the world, that's great.
  6. This is savage!
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  7. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Wasn't meant to be! The Chinese music market dwarfs the United Kingdom, so this could be a far better career move than anything she ever did at her peak over here!
  8. Little side note, I still use Wild and I think it's actually great, if you don't actually listen to what she's saying or forget Big Sean's verse. Dizzee goes off, though.
  9. I for one am here for her being massive in China and keeping her vacuum of musical taste and self-awareness as far away from my ears as possible. Plus I'm sure there are plenty of savoury biscuit brands in China that need a dreadful corporate shill.
  10. Jessie getting some love on The Shade Room and showing off her vocals
  11. I can see China lapping up big ballads by her. I did a 9-hour bus journey there years ago with a karaoke music channel playing the whole way which was essentially Mandarin covers of Whitney and Mariah ballads, Carpenters songs, and Hey Jude. They looooved Hey Jude on that channel.
  12. She has an ego that needs feeding. No matter the depths of desperation.
  13. Cambridge Jessietica has 0 chill.
  14. At least she had the foresight to come out as straight before going to China.
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  15. No it doesn't, the United Kingdom music market dwarfs the Chinese one. -

    The Chinese pirate everything, so despite their massive population, very little of that money goes to the actual source of the music.
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  17. The writer does realise that the original cultural revolution resulted in the death of 20 million people and the political and economic stagnation of China right?

    Jesus J ha impact, the catalyst for bringing down modern China
  18. pdf


    The population of China is not big enough to feed her ego.
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