Jessie J - Sweet Talker (Album)

I'm watching her set at T In The Park and the crowd is sooo over her over singing. Also when she started singing masterpiece, the camera panned to a group that the camera man thought was singing along but in reality the boy said "What song even is this?, its rubbish" I am creased

Although the crowd absolutely loved Burnin' Up..
If you applied the logic of this campaign getting 4 singles to other popstar campaigns, then #R8 should have 9 full-fledged singles and Taylor should be promoting 1989 up through the year 2021.
he / him
The entire album is shit and features her voice at 400%. The ideal single? Forget this album ever happened and finally capitalise on 'Sexy Lady' for god sake, Jessie! I'm STILL hearing it on TV adverts.

She looks lovely here anyway.

Her Wireless Festival performance set:

She borrowed the jacket from one of the Doctors at the hospital.