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Jessie J Threatens (Her Voice Is Back)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by sexercise, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Haven't we suffered enough?
  2. A majority of this video was her sitting there awkwardly over the Nicki/Ariana/suspiciously loud backing singer parts.

    Why choose this of all songs? Tragic is as tragic does.
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  3. Love it when she’s dragged for being rude, my dad was her bodyguard for a show, he works at a venue now... he was given a set of rules to follow like don’t talk to her, don’t look at her etc... and she tret him like dirt apparently - he said she’s the biggest diva he’s ever met and he’s even worked for the Queen hahaha!
  4. Queen of China status deconfirmed
  5. The shade from Successie J herself:

    “Everyone can truly dance like no ones watching and sing as LOUD as you like even if it’s really out of tune, I can’t hear you!

    And the gay copywriter was definitely being extra and slightly shady:

    “Wielding seismic vocals that register on the Richter scale, unbridled soul, confessional lyrics, and empowering attitude, Jessie J touches hearts every time she steps up to a microphone. With over 14 billion global streams, countless gold and platinum certifications, and 31 million global songs sold to date, the singer’s voice continues to ring out in nearly every corner of the globe.”
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  6. Jessie J reported to be blowing eardrums even virtually
  7. This reads more like a threat or the back cover of a horror movie about an inescapable banshee.
  8. Yes. It just needs to end with "...and only one woman can stop her reign of terror."
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  9. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I heard Jessie J was recruited by Magneto in order to use her sonic powers to free Mutants from a prison island.
  10. Selena Whisper Gomez?
  11. Randomly watched some of the China performances again and she sure has such amazing pipes. I mean, wow!

    Shame that she appears to be allegedly so ungrateful for her success.
  12. Not this thread title in little of the news.
  13. Oh shit, I hope she gets better. I can't imagine how scary that must've been!
  14. kal


    Was it ever revealed who Think About That is about? The lyrics seem way too personal to not be aimed at someone specific.
  15. One of her best songs! I never looked into it, but I always thought it sounded like it was about an ex-manager?
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  16. kal


    That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking as well. I know she used to be with Crown Music, but I don’t know if she was still with them when the song was released.
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  17. If she has Menieres Disease it’s for life and she’ll need to manage it as best she can. Truly a frustrating and horrible thing to have, I feel sorry for her.
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