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Jessie J Threatens (Her Voice Is Back)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by sexercise, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. He


    She has a slaughterhouse?
  2. No, dear. It’s a joke. I love that account. It’s very funny.
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  3. He


    Dddd, I didn't read the account name!
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  4. The recording studio.
  5. The way I actually LOLed.
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  6. Wow that was a journey.
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  7. Too much for me.
  8. So much happened in so little time. I'm tired.
  9. Her telling her 12 years old self ‘A bit much’ made me cackle . I loved this though it was cute !

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  10. So here we are, on the first day of Pride Month, and everyone’s favourite formerly bisexual screecher is teasing her return on Instagram.

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  11. oh no
  12. My first time seeing this. I wish I hadn’t. The way she toook off her earrings when she sang Ba Bling. Oh wow, such an ARTIST move.
  13. This is such a scream!! 'No-one's asked me to sing Mamma Knows Best but I thought I'd sing it with ME'. Amazing.
  14. kal


    That sounds good?
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  15. I am SO glad pop Jessie is back. I love her. That last album was not it for me.
  16. This sounds like a Bop . Come through Jessie !
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