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Jessie J Threatens (Her Voice Is Back)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by sexercise, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. After the whole R.O.S.E era this is what I needed from her!

    By the way, come support Price Tag, Domino and Bang Bang in the UK Ladies #1s of 2010s
  2. This is GREAT . Come through Jessica !
  3. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    It's pretty good, but y'all are doing a bit much over an unexpectedly not terrible song.

    I do think this disco/soul sound is a pretty smart direction for her to take though. It feels like a natural progression from the hits that made her popular way back when, and it might win back a few fans she lost afterwards.
  4. This is very good, well done Jessica.
  5. You know, I’m surprised at myself, but I really enjoyed this. It definitely suits her voice.

    Now I’m absolutely terrified of what she will do when singing this live, as restraint isn’t exactly what she’s famous for. Plus, I’m not sure what level of support this will get.

    But still, bravo Jessica for delivering a solid bop in 2021.
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  6. I really like this! It sounds like something that could win Eurovision.
  7. Are we moving the thread back to Pop & Justice now. The song does go off a bit.
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  8. It’s fine but it’s not as good as 85% of R.O.S.E.
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  9. Conquer the World was her/Brandy’s lost moment to me.
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  10. Me bopping to Jessie j was not what I expected to be doing, but it really does slap a bitsy
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  11. Well I am loving this.
  12. I'm surprised no ones talking about the rumour that Eurovision are after Jessie J to represent the UK next year. It's been all over social media today, not sure how much truth is in it though.
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  13. Well, she would have had great chances this year with this song… I wouldn’t mind!
  14. Jessie J could actually benefit from being on Eurovision, to be honest.
  15. She dumped the gays and won China already, ready for the geopolitical chanteuse to Machiavelli her career to new heights.
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  16. Not Jessie J outta nowhere with this bop. Help me.
  17. This track is GREAT. I’m shook.
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