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Jessie J Threatens To Release Christmas Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. She didn't made her research. Marit Larsen did it in 2016 with her album "Joni Was Right".
  2. Oh my god.
  3. The good thing is that Marit released a physical CD and Vinyl. I hope Jessie will do that too.

  4. These venues and the scale of the tour is... ambitious.

    At least with the O2 venues they can put her in the smaller rooms. The Royal Albert Hall though...
  5. Guess no one learned anything from Nadine.
  6. What are the capacities for the shows?
  7. Around 2'000-2'500 maximum each with some exceptions (like the Royal Albert Hall which should be like 5000)
  8. Ddd why can I see her actually selling pretty well minus the Royal Albert Hall show?
  9. I'm not from the UK so I really don't know how many people there are still interested in her (especially after the "I'm going to the US cuz people in here don't appreciate me" antics) but as the capacity in most venues can be reduced, she might pull it off? probably not but who knows
  10. I finally got round to listening to the entire album and all I can say is meh. Got exactly the same reaction the first (and only) time I listened to Joanne by Gaga.

    Gonna go listen to Domino and remember the force in music she once was
  11. Even I’ve charted on that
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  12. I just have to say what a pathetic popstar she is when she resorts to this type of strategy. I thought, considering her ego, she would release for sure in a way to compete but just couldn't take the inevitable flopping and missing top 50. I can only image her face when she would hear that news.

    Here's to more kii's.
  13. RMK


    I feel like this era wasn't going well and would debut low, so she figured: "Hey, I'm going to release 4 EPs in a row instead to keep things interesting!"
  14. So did she sell five copies overall of these things or what?
  15. So the album didn't even chart at all? Just terrible. She just had Bang Bang from her last album, and Flashlight was quite popular. So I'm kinda shocked but I'm also getting Natasha Bedingfield flashbacks. Honestly, I don't know how she can recover from this.
  16. Low key she has nothing to recover from.
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  17. I am so glad she is touring the UK. I have booked my ticket! The album is so good!
  18. She'll reappear on Q1 2019 with a trend chasing pop single and say that she's ready to "have fun again" and that sort of shit. She'll add that she fought to have r.o.s.e. released but it was a necessary step to take for her etc etc.

    On another note, yes I can see parallels with Natasha Bedingfield in terms of sudden flopping BUT at least the good sis Nat put out Strip Me which was a fucking great album.
  19. Agree that strip me is a great album! But it is really similar - switching focus from the UK to the US in the third album specifically, and then completely bomb.
  20. Yeah I don't get why they didn't promote a lead single in the uk from the beginning from that album. Times were also different: labels were brave enough to physically release a full album even if the lead bombed.
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