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Jessie Ware - “Free Yourself” + 5th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jvckkk, Mar 13, 2021.

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    Literally obliterate me Jessica!!!
  3. With Joseph Mount and James Ford onboard again and SG Lewis in the mix, I cannot wait!
  4. I was so so so so late to What’s Your Pleasure that I feel like I owe it to Jessie herself to be early for this
  5. "JESS-IK-UHH" - Lennie Ware
  6. Jessie usually takes her music in different directions with most of her albums, where will she head next.

    I am 100% ready for a Jessie-Kylie song.
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  7. I would love to hear what she's done with SG Lewis.
  8. Beb, more of this, please!!

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  9. What's Your Pleasure is a masterpiece but I have full faith what she follows it up with will be outstanding. I can't wait to experience the new tracks at her tour.
  10. Has anyone listened to the latest episode of her Podcast with her sister Hannah, it’s fab and a lovely insight into their family dynamic which is savage in the best way.
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  11. Oh my god. I've been binging The One and I had no idea Hannah Ware was Jessie Ware's (big!) sister. Mind blown ddd.
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  12. As if we haven’t been fed enough today with Please, she’s working away on album 5 as we speak.

  13. I have such faith in her
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  14. Some new stuff about album 5 from her recent press interview about the deluxe:
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  15. The fact that she'll have put out another album before I see her for the first time at Primavera next summer
  16. The way miss Jessica is milking the momentum! I'm glad she's exploring the soundscape, she has such an elegant, soft delivery for dance records. EXCITEDD
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  17. Her BODY TALK is coming!
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  18. From her Vulture interview:
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