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Jessie Ware - “Free Yourself” + 5th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jvckkk, Mar 13, 2021.

  1. Being front row for her Glasto set was a truly religious experience! Beb brought the energy and bops as always. I can also confirm that ‘Free Yourself’ goes off!

    Also I was captured during ‘Save A Kiss’ by the BBC, which is iconic teas
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  2. Was also front row! Should have known we'd be a bunch of PJers.
    Although I left just as Save A Kiss started to meet my friends and get a good spot for Calvin.

    Pretty sure this was during 'Free Yourself'.

  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

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  4. Why would you admit this crime to us
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  5. In my defence, I had to go to Jessie on my own because none of the 12 people I was there with wanted to come. (There's the real crime.)

    So I just didn't want to get caught in a crowd and not manage to meet up with them after.
  6. It’s a sign that the 12 friends have got to go.
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  7. I hadn’t listened to the live version but that snippet…whew.
  8. Goldspink I hope? Cause imagine leaving anything to see a DJ.
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  9. Sam


    I spent so much of Free Yourself making @Kyle. google the lyrics to see if it was a cover that I couldn’t remember how it went.

    The snippet slaps!
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  10. Icons stanning icons


    Love to see it
  11. That snippet…

  12. That snippet!!! I love how Jessie is living her best life at the moment and giving us quality music. Free Yourself sounds absolutely massive! The diva vocals I’m melting
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  13. A cute reminder because the forum seems to keep forgetting this but Peggy Gou knowingly took a huge cheque from the Saudi government – who literally kill and whip queer people for existing – to DJ a state sponsored festival there, and completely doubled down on it when criticised.

    She's beyond terrible, and for Jessie who's had a career (and financial) resurgence exclusively because of LGBTQ+ people I'd be disappointed if she was anywhere near this next album.

    Let's stan collabs with artists and producers who don't legitimise a regime that murders us.
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  14. I did not know this. Retract earlier post.
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  15. This is also brand new information for me! Thanks for sharing.
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  16. I guess we should mention that Jessie is a massive Zionist. At this rate, we'll be left with no one to stan.
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  17. He


    Really?! Ugh.
  18. Feel free to provide me with examples because all I remember is that she retweeted a message about defining what antisemitism was one time from an account with an unfortunate name. One singular time.
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