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Jessie Ware - “Free Yourself” + 5th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jvckkk, Mar 13, 2021.

  1. Not her performing in NYC on Yom Kippur… Yes Ms. Jessica I will be a bad Jew alongside you!!!!
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  2. Not above cheating on my fiancee for a presale code. Free yourself indeed mama!
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  3. Hellzzzz YEAH!
  4. 3 dates… mama_this_is_garbage_alyssa_edwards.gif
  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Whew payday is Friday and I WILL be purchasing a ticket for NYC. It's been about over 4 years since my last concert which was...Kelela dd.
  6. Where are the prices?

    Edit: wow, those are way more inexpensive than I expected.
  7. It is a little funny that she put the Harry Styles dates on the poster/jpg as if those are options. Even "a small run of shows" is enough of a stretch to require some Jessie Ware-branded Jungle Juice Platinum.
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  8. I'm guessing since it's such a small "tour" she might keep the production quite minimal?

    She wrote a comment about how it's been so hard just to get these shows. Maybe her record label was able to get her as a supporting act for Harry Styles in Chicago and the others were just basically a case of "let's book her for wherever we can find an empty venue"?
  9. All she needs is a nice colorful light or two and her microphone stand whip.
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  10. Everyone and their sister is touring right now and through the fall, I think she had to keep it small; there’s so much competition.
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  11. She’s not not gonna sell out, let’s be real. This is a great tester for the next album’s live shows.
  12. Sophie Ellis Bextor when she performs outside of the UK in some forgotten warehouse.
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  13. So tomorrow is the presale with a special presale for fans with a code one hour before the main presale (Mexico city), does anyone know how can I get a code or is anyone willing to share one?

    Thanks in advance!! So happy that she’s coming to Mexico City!!! I never thought that she would come.
  14. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Not a Chicago residency!
  15. Wait, there’s a presale before the presale? Whaaat
  16. See you German bassoons at Webster Hall!
  17. Ugh, the Amex pre sale for NYC sold out in less than 30 seconds
  18. Yeah I had no luck with the Amex presale. Good luck Friday!
  19. Well LA presale was done in 30 seconds. Of course my website window froze and by the time I got on the app they were already gone.
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