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Jessie Ware - “Free Yourself” + 5th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jvckkk, Mar 13, 2021.

  1. It was heaven. A whole pandemic later, for this moment.

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  2. This is the content that I need for the rest of 2022. Queens stanning queens stanning queens.
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  3. My GOD, that last picture is a Blu Ray 'Jessie Ware - Live' cover if I ever saw one.
  4. AGREED!!! Here’s mine!


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  5. There are a ton of videos from her NY shows on IG. The shows looked like a blast! And it feels like her confidence with this material and style continues to grow. In fact, she's grown so assured that I feel like she could get by with a little less armography.
  6. Can any US girlies recommend a resale website I could potentially get a ticket to see her supporting Ms Styles concert tonight in Chicago? I'm visiting for work but free tonight now and think it'll be worth it, don't want to get scammed!
  7. Stubhub
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  9. Finally seeing her tomorrow for the first time ever and I’m sure I’ll get emotional. Also wearing the shirt that I made for her original London date last December. I’m sure it’ll confuse the hell out of the people around us but it makes for a story if anyone asks. 485F2C4A-56C0-4E12-B462-791F2884B692.jpeg
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  10. Sam


  11. LA people - have fun at the shows at the Belasco Theatre - 1,500 capacity - nice and intimate show.
  12. Is there an album coming?
  13. Yes, probably early next year but we don’t know for sure when yet.

    I’m attending both nights at the Belasco. So excited.
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  14. Sam


    New single soon pls mom
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  15. Yeah, she said Q1 next year. A single was set for October but she hasn’t mentioned it again since, so it might have been pushed.
  16. Free Yourself continues to dominate my every waking moment but I would not say no to a new single either. Take my money, beb.
  17. I have to wait for some of the euphoria to wear off, but… just might be the best concert I’ve ever been to, quite honestly. And the view wasn’t bad, either. A0171F9E-4E91-43F1-8B86-5ADA2A20D02F.jpeg
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  18. Wow, that looks intimate!
  19. This was my 7th time seeing her and might have been my favorite. I won’t go into details why because I’ve shared my love for her on this forum 500000 times, but as much as I am happy for her success and the guarantee of more music and more shows Jessie now has the worst type of fans in the world haha.
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  20. He just had a great view. Think the venue holds 1,500 people and it was packed.
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