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Jessie Ware - “Free Yourself” + 5th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jvckkk, Mar 13, 2021.

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  2. You can watch her set at Glastonbury here. Looks like her team asked them to cut out the 'Free Yourself' performance though.
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  3. It sounds like a massive banger. She's playing in Poland in one of our festivals next week and I hope she will sing it here, so I can ascend hearing it live.
  4. Free Yourself sounds GAY.
  5. Okay but where can the non-UK hunties watch it? I need this show in my life.
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  6. Absolutely here for Jessie to lead the house resurgence we’re seeing this year
  7. This !!
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  8. Just watched her set on iPlayer and I'd say it's one of the best I've ever seen. Just non-stop for 75 minutes. I can't wait to see her again on her next tour!
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  9. Jesus fucking Christ.

  10. It sounds MASSIVE.
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  12. This new album was definitely supposed to be out this year, I’m hoping this delay is due to the massive WYP success and a potential fall tour in the US
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  13. Annoying that we have to wait another year for it, but if the whole album is the same quality as Free Yourself then I am happy to wait. It's massive, a moment.
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  14. Yeah reading between the lines, it seems like plans for the record slightly shifted and got bigger after the success of WYP and the deluxe. Working with Sarah Hudson during the recent visit to LA is a good example of that. Vinyl delays certainly won’t have helped either.

    Ultimately, I’m sure it’ll make the record even better.
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  15. Maybe we'll still get a single or two this year so I can wait. Feels like the WYP era is very much alive still, and I want her enthusiasm and palpable joy in this stage in her career to sustain.
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  16. HMD


    Any way to watch it outside the UK?
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  17. Free Yourself sounds like a fucking stone cold bop. I think it is time we receive a full on dance album through and through with no midtempos and no fuckery - disco nights with Jessie.
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  18. That Glastonbury set was phenomenal and I’m once again reminded that What’s Your Pleasure is flawless from start to finish
  19. Use Urban VPN beb, it's a free browser extension x just install it, switch to the UK. You'll have to create a BBC account if you haven't got one already
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  20. She will definitely release few singles this year and start slowly building hype for this new record. I was hoping that she can chuck it out at the end of the year, but releasing in February/March will probably benefit her more than getting lost at wave of Q4 releases.
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