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Jessie Ware - Glasshouse

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Oct 5, 2015.

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  1. Sam


    This is great?? Yas
  2. Guest member

    Guest member Guest

    Selfish Love >>>>>>>>> Midnight, to be honest.

    I was listening to 'Devotion' this morning while walking through heavy rain and that album is still perfection. Especially for that kind of weather.
  3. I think the chorus alone is so much better than Midnight.
  4. Found what it reminds me of ddd
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  5. "Selfish Love", both the song and its video, is one of her strongest audio/visual packages. It's all so perfect. As someone (in the minority?) who adores "Midnight," this is shaping up to be one of my favorite releases of the year.
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  6. It kind of reminds me of this

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  7. I need her to confirm the album title because I love that.
  8. It's very competent, but it does sort of come and go.
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  9. Oh wow Selfish Love is gorgeous, WIG!
  10. This is a major improvement from Midnight for me.
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  11. This is bringing back my PTSD caused by people liking "Say You Love Me" over "Tough Love"
  12. She's so foxy when she's blasting a shotgun.
  13. Well those people were just wrong.
  14. So good. Loving this. Much more immediate than Midnight for me.
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  15. I love how 'mature' both songs are without being boring, I'd be here for Tough Love part 2 but it's still nice to see her evolving her sound, the post chorus vocals are the best thing about this, most heavenly sound to grace my ears since When The World Was At War.
  16. I am enjoying her continuing incongruous dalliances with '60s Americana.

    The "Selfish love!" refrain was a bit lazy, I thought. It does sound like Smooth Operator. He. Ho.
  17. Ooh I like this better than Midnight. Very smooth.

    That beat!
  18. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    It's not as engaging as Midnight, but it's very pretty. Possibly the most overtly Sade-esque thing she's done.
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  19. Selfish Love is so quietly brilliant. Easy listening bop.
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  20. SCREAM at this being my first thought too.

    Love the song though!
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