Jessie Ware - “Lift You Up” + 6th Album

I have never opened one of these, but I feel like given my devotion to this queen this might my moment.

She has just confirmed via Instagram Stories that she is in the studio recording her 6th album with James Ford. She has spoken about wanting to release a new album fast in numerous interviews, as well as her year-end Spotify video message.

I'm afraid this means the Deluxe for That Feels! Good! has been scrapped, but it's probably time to move on.

She's also confirmed for a few festivals this Summer, so I wonder if this means we will hear new material by then.

Video of the confirmation here:

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Yeah I want more camp boppery ddd. But I also want something dark and maybe some contemporary house vibes. I feel she can hit both notes, I think it's a good sign that they're pressing on with album six quite quickly. A new single for summer festival season would be a treat.
She was in the studio with Joy Anonymous and Jungle yesterday.

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