Jessie Ware - “Lift You Up” + 6th Album

Message from Jessie on this release:

"Lift You Up with Romy is HERE!

I thought it's about time to give you some new music. It’s been a minute hasn’t it?

Whilst we finish off the next record, I’ve made some music for the summer & I am SO thrilled to be releasing a brilliant song with my gorgeous friend, Romy.

Lift You Up, is out now!

This one has been a long time coming. We’ve been friends for a long time and I’ve been a fan of hers for years! I remember getting to know her over the years in music; The XX invited me to sing at their curated festival in Berlin called Night and Day. I felt like it was such a cool seal of approval – I sang with them on stage and I think from then on Romy and I became friends, she was a fan of my music and I was a fan of hers.

Whilst we had collaborated on my second record on a song called, Share It All, I was so excited to be in the studio with her; to hear her beautiful voice being recorded, her genius idea of ‘listen Romy, listen Jessie’ and I am so proud of our song. It’s a song that’s about both of us being too hard on ourselves, and not believing in ourselves enough. Really, I think anyone can relate to that.

We did this one with Stuart Price and Coffee – which makes this even more special. There was a wonderful serendipity about the fact that she worked with Stuart on her last record. I was one of the first people to listen to her phenomenal album Mid Air - and loved what they were doing together.

I love this song so much and Romy is just so talented and generous. Im excited for everyone to hear it, and to hear it at Glastonbury. It seems to be a theme of mine now that I debut songs at Glastonbury! I cant wait for everyone to hear us celebrating each other."

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Yeah based on that, I’m expecting this to be on the album, but just serve as a summer single for now before she kicks off album stuff towards (or even) next year since she’s touring pretty much through September.
Initially was very whelmed, but after a couple of plays it's a nice breezy throwaway bop. Not sure it'll have much legs, but can imagine it'll get majority of my streams this week.
Can’t work out if the Ennio Morricone sample(?) on Ride My Love is fun or corny. Maybe both!
Late to post but I was there for the NYC Downlow appearance and I was fucking living. I had missed her main set due to the clashes and had assumed she’d sung this new song in her set as well but apparently not.

I would’ve died.
They/them, he/him
Lift You Up is fine.

But then I said that about Free Yourself at first, and that has gone on to be one of my favourite pop songs of all time.