Jessie Ware - “Lift You Up” + 6th Album

I think it’s maybe judged a little unfairly since it’s A. Her first song to be released since the last album, and B. been thrown out there and left to its own devices. But to echo the PopJustice bingo card, I think it’ll make a lot more sense in the context of an album when there’s more content to enjoy. For now it’s a fun little taster for what’s next, and that’s how I’m treating it.
Lift You Up is fine.

But then I said that about Free Yourself at first, and that has gone on to be one of my favourite pop songs of all time.
I much prefer Lift You Up to Free Yourself which I’ve only recently started to appreciate. I liked Pearls on first listen and still like it. People here didn’t like Glasshouse because it was too slow and safe, since then she’s given us more uptempo and more fun music and I enjoy it.
I tried three times and on second listen I got bored halfway through and skipped and the third time I was just skipping it after like 30 seconds because I just thought why bother.

Sad that two artists I love produced such a non event of a song, but we know this often happens when faves collab. Makes the Charli/Lorde masterpiece even more special.
‘Lift You Up’ is amazing, the muted response to it here is surprising…it’s a carefree, energetic and soulful dance-pop banger! The chorus soars. Jessie’s adlibs, belts and harmonies elevate the song so much.

Is it within the soundscapes she’s explored before? Absolutely. It’s not reinventing the wheel. But not every song has to. I just feel like a song this joyous and infectious is too good to just dismiss entirely.

With that said. Can she give us a part two to ‘Share It All’?
Her show tonight at the Montreux Jazz Festival will be livestreamed on her YouTube channel

I was there and after seeing one of her Ally Pally shows, I have to admit that - unsurprisingly - the reception in Montreux was a bit, well, Swiss, but I think both the songs and her personality gradually got the crowd into the set. Also, she skipped Lift You Up and performed a pared-back version of The Kill, so we won.