Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!

She did say she would love to open for Kylie, so I could see her fitting in the UK leg at least (if she was asked, which I hope she is because I need that HOMO double whammy in my life).
Begin Again is such a grower, the jolted piano riff!

Guys, is Jessie’s Rolling Stone UK cover digital only or is it a print cover? I can’t see any issue in shops at the moment.
First review is out from the FT.


That! Feels Good! is the exclamatory follow-up to What’s Your Pleasure? It makes no bones about repeating the formula. “That feels good, do it again,” Ware murmurs in a sultry way on the first song, which is also the title track. Fast basslines, deft drumming, rolling piano chords and flaring horns duly return to the retro milieu of What’s Your Pleasure?.

As before, the impression isn’t one of cynicism, but rather ebullience and a connoisseurial ear for quality. The songs shift the dial to a more funk-and-soul-based sound. The title track nods to the dance floor manifestos of Funkadelic, while “Pearls” echoes Chaka Khan’s majestic vocal attack. Ware essays some early 1980s-style rapping on “Beautiful People” before launching herself into an upfront series of disco chants. Reinvention is the topic of “Begin Again”, a cosmic odyssey at the centre of the album with mantra-like refrains and a maelstrom of percussion and brass. “Can we begin again?” she sings, a classy performer for whom the stars have realigned.