Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!

My friend went to the signing earlier and she signed sooo much stuff for us! She even said hello to me on video. What a sweetheart she is.


After few days I finally came to conclusion that Beautiful People is the best album track on the record, it's just a pure joy and it goes exactly on par with best single - Begin Again.

Pearls is still an absolutely dreadful song (but even with that thought I caught myself few times humming "And now you wanna go to the moon") and These Lips are forgettable, such a shame for closing track.
there's a buzz around that Freak Me Now is the new single.

+ it has been highlighted by NYT

"The British pop singer Jessie Ware pivoted to disco on her excellent 2020 album “What’s Your Pleasure?,” but she shifts n into a higher gear on its ecstatic follow-up, “That! Feels Good!,” out on Friday. The kinetic, house-inflected dance-floor anthem “Freak Me Now” is a highlight, and its vampy attitude and attention to sonic detail finds Ware in complete control of her vision. “That sparkle in my eye, you are a jewel, baby,” she purrs on the verse, as if an entire glittering, sweaty congregation of partygoers is orbiting around her confident stillness. LINDSAY ZOLADZ"

loved the "vampy" description cause this song indeed gives such vibe
I love These Lips and how well it works as a closer. The horn work is subtle and textured, feeling like the moment you get home from a night out and take your shoes off (perhaps with someone you met out). I like that she didn’t go for an emotional finale like Remember Where You Are. It feels like the exact right ending.
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