Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!

Anyone else seeing her in West Hollywood tomorrow night? Can't even imagine how packed it'll be, but I'm fully wearing my "We flew from Los Angeles just to see you in the Spotlight" T-shirt again just for my own pathetic inside joke.
Not me wondering what she's doing and completely forgetting that I am also attending this.
See you girls there despite being whelmed by this album nn. Hopefully it'll click for me live!
Yeah, I'm sort of wondering around the setlist for this one considering she's been in Greece filming that show and this is her first concert since the album release. Thinking it will mostly lean heavy on WYP and include the singles from TFG.
She’s on for about an hour according to the schedule:

Holy mother of mother, thank you so much for sending this my way... I was planning on getting there by 4... but since Jessie's the only one I care to see, I just have to bank on some oblivious and uneducated (or tired) queens leaving after Tinashe so I'm not wayyyyyyy in the back if I get there around 8.
THAT! WAS AMAZING as expected. Stood in place for over 4 hours to be front row but her pointing at me and winking was worth it alone. Free Yourself might be the encore on the autumn tour and what an encore it was tonight. Fakeout and lights back on after Save a Kiss before everything turned black again and she came out with a ginormous flag like in the music video, but a Pride flag.



Ooh La La


Soul Control

Freak Me Now

Kiss of Life

Begin Again

Remember Where You Are

What’s Your Pleasure?

Save a Kiss

Free Yourself
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Almost perfect setlist. I'd just swap out Ooh La La for Beautiful People and Pale Blue Light (on tour, maybe not at Pride). Always love to see Soul Control having a moment in the sun.