Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!

Happy to announce she won my mother's "thought she was gonna be mid but turned it out" award out of everyone performing ddd (I'm working on her taste). Say You Love Me was a "I guess this is cute" moment but it did bring things to a screeching halt; it just didn't work in such a short set, it needed to be more midtempo like Wildest Moments.
They/them, he/him
Believe becoming a staple of hers is not something I hate at all. Her version is so transcendent.

Nothing will beat the original version, but Jessie comes the closest. The Piano Room performance is honestly one of my songs of the year and is on regular rotation in my house. That interpolation of Love At First Sight? Ugh, perfection. Beb nailed the assignment.
However, I'm here to gush over the title track for a bit. It's so fucking amazing. I didn't expect to be gobsmacked like that. It reminds me of "Running Away" by Roy Ayers Ubiquity, as well as some fun sprinkles of Sheila E., Control-era Janet, and Rick James. I love the catchy, call-and-response-esque nature of the hook. Like on the last album, this album is so excellent at drawing from these specific inspirations without sounding pastiche. She sounds like a scholar of '70s/'80s funk on this one.
I'm really happy to read this mini thinkpiece on the title track because I feel it's easily dismissed (as I did at first) as kind of an extended intro or mood-setter, and hasn't really been discussed much.

It is a mood setter (although there's nothing else so overtly funk on here), but also a fantastic, essential song in its own right? The sheer joy of the live band, the way it drops out and makes you think it's all over, then comes roaring back in as Jessie's repeated vocal hook morphs into this, like, controlled, rhythmic element anchoring the song while everything around it goes crazy. It's a killer advert for James Ford's skill as a producer, the technical finesse made to sound so spontaneous, like a joyful jam session that just keeps going... while also proving that Jessie really is a student of the genres she pays homage to on this record and the last. Like, she gets it.

A lot of the time popstars will talk about a song or a visual being influenced by something else, and I think that's great but... I can't hear it, so it feels tenuous or even fictional sometimes? Jessie wears her influences on the track. I personally love that.
The tour is so close now and I've been spinning this one a bit more and I do want to say it still sounds fresh and will make a really fun gig. I do hope we get that smooth transition from Beautiful People into Freak Me Now (album version) because I can see that being such a moment. I'm really curious to see how she balances the set list.

Justice for Overtime.
I'm sorry but the whole "I dont know that much techno. Maybe I should go clubbing with my brother." when speaking about *wanting* to do a record partly inspired by techno next reads like a very bizzare flex to me nn. Anyway I expect something like "Overtime" as her idea of that and I'm definitely more than fine with that!
There are many elements of techno on Kylie's Impossible Princess for example, along with trip-hop, also on Ray of Light... she's probably envisioning something closer to that or the atmospheric sounds of Bicep than, like, Amelie Lens techno dd.