Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!

She was really great and a joy to watch. She always sounds phenomenal but she's really come to life as a performer over the past few years and has so much confidence. The setlist starts strong but the middle is a bit of a drag for me.I get that she's probably a bit over performing What's Your Pleasure but I'd have loved a few more of those tracks and less chatting. It was such a joy to hear Overtime live. She's just such a doll.
Went to see La Ware with fave catalan beb @Jóga and it was a very gay time indeed! To be honest I was fighting for my life during the section that went from Pearls to Say You Love Me but the rest was 10/10 pop girl magic. She's a mother etc

He was fighting my banshee screaming every time a song started.

The show was excellence and a masterclass in pop showomanship. How to make a thoroughly effective show with simple staging and pure charisma. She was funny and sounded incredible and the arrangements were very, very good. I honestly had a blast and probably was my favourite concert this year (and I was at both Madonna’s and Beyoncé’s).

Now… The Eagle… Chile, @bestinase and @believeagain … you did fulfill the brief and enjoyed dancing to Call the Shots and Dannii’s All I Wanna Do… I think I just hate London.
It's a November Sunday evening and I'm listening to... "Devotion".