Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!


"Pearls" remains rancid, but this is a lot more like it and pairs well with "Free Yourself".

This is great. I’m not really getting Spotlight from it at all ddd, but the Brazilian funk influence and horns peppered throughout are chefs kiss.

The horns are my favorite bits. I am glad this is the single leading into the album release because it’s lush! Also is that for sure Kylie singing some of the backing vocals?
I'm sure I'll like this in the context of the album, but it's not doing much for me as a single. I still listen to Free Yourself daily. Love Pearls once it gets going, but the lalalala bit at the start always has me hovering over the skip button.
I think some may be still recovering from slipping on some Pearls because this is instantly the best song of the era, and one of my favorite things I've heard from her.

It definitely picks up where Remember Where You Are left off. The horns combined withed the stretched out notes over the piano riffs - it's actually magical. Moloko is a great comparison - it's both accessible and off-kilter enough to bring a few facets of her past work together. Give me the album version too, I wanna live in this song for as long as I can.
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