Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!

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On first listen, this took me back straight to the Statues album and that’s the best compliment ever.
100%. The echoes of Forever More. Piano + horns. How the song builds to a dream-like and slightly feverish crescendo.

It’s a heavenly song brimming with energy and inviting everyone to dance and sing, step and shimmy into the best Spring&Summer of their lives.

Buy that kaftan. Wear the hat. Order that cocktail. Put on SPF and ENJOY.
After Pearls, and Begin Again’s single artwork, I was ready to hate this - except I don’t. This is a welcome surprise.

It has the nuance Pearls and Free Yourself lack (especially Pearls), and What’s Your Pleasure? had in spades across the album.

Begin Again also reminds me a lot of Spotlight and Remember Where You Are - we love natural progression and tracks that use every second of their 5min+ runtime to build a sonic landscape.

I really do hope Begin Again serves as a harbinger for the rest of album.
Absolutely love it! It doesn't give me "Single!" vibes but for sure it's a great showcase of the Album, especially for everyone that was feeling a bit nauseous over Pearls and Free Yourself. It's looking like a lot of fun so far.
I think this song will grow on me. Sounds good but it doesn't sound like a single. It's a huge step up from Pearls though.

Hopefully she's got some live performances to sell the song more.
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