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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. From RideOrDie at ATRL.
    I wonder if the new batch is where the SG Lewis tracks could be popping up?
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  2. Teehee @Lapras - you know my brand is to miss out but get something better in the end.
    I'd still buy one if they are on sale again after missing out the first time!
  3. Well, this is very exciting and I wouldn't be shocked if their collab ended up on a re-issue of Disco if it doesn't end up on Jessie's which it doesn't seem like it will.
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  4. Didn’t Jessie originally want Kylie on the title track? I wonder if that is one of the outtakes.
  5. I’m fucking dead.

    She also mentions a brand new album will take a step away from disco and dancing and I just feel the new record will come out sooner than later, at least for Jessie’s standards. We’re so blessed she found her creative energy in music once again after the Glasshouse touring fiasco.

  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Add Kylie on Overtime beb xx
  7. Great news! So we may get it on the deluxe edtion.
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  8. She mentioned in an interview last year (and also when I spoke with her) that the follow up album was going to have more of a Remember Where You Are vibe, so I guess this is the best of both worlds in that we’ll get some more disco bops on the re-release but she gets to go the direction she wanted to for the next album without compromising it to appease the fans who loved the disco direction.
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  9. Well its over.
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  10. How can I buy a vinyl that will count toward the UK chart?
  11. The fact that the article uses the phrasing “short film.” I’m quaking.
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  12. Can’t wait for you to check yourself out from the thread for whatever reason during the deluxe vinyl pre-order and then looking for a link where they have it in stock all over the Internet for weeks. xx
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  13. Based on what she said last summer it doesn’t seem like she’s intent on drifting too far from the dance floor;
    Granted things could have changed since the massive recent reaction to Remember Where You Are, but I’m not too concerned about whatever is next.
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  14. My boyfriend loves SG probably as much as I love Jessie and if this actually happens our apartment might implode
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  15. I had no idea SG was involved with her and I would die to hear that.
  16. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    As much as I love What's Your Pleasure?, I don't mind that she's moving in a different direction. It's surely not going to be a complete 180 in any case. I was also initially thinking she should just forgo the deluxe and head straight for a new album, so in this case it actually makes sense to do the re-release if the new album is going to have a different vibe.

    I completely trust her judgement now and I'm glad she's at least indulging us with this deluxe album, because I'd absolutely love to continue living in the world that she created with What's Your Pleasure? for the time being.
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    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Six new songs + the gem that is "Overtime" reminds me of those 2009-2012 re-releases/deluxe editions that tacked on what was basically an EP as a bridge between eras and rode out on the goodwill of their respective original albums. Can't think of a better artist/album that deserves to benefit from such a great strategy.
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  18. I'm not mad if the Kylie collab goes on the Disco reissue because it'll give Jess a whole new world of g*ys who – no shade – might not have been that open or willing to listen previously. That's only a good thing for her career really.

    Also, timing wise, the Disco reissue is meant to be coming later this year so it'll be nice to have a stopgap single like that before her tour.
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  19. This is such good news!
    Like so many others in this thread the Graham Norton perfomance has made me obsessively listen to this album again. It’s so rare that an artist release a GOOD single version of an already adored song.

    Spotlight never stops being great. It feels so timeless. Step Into My Life is probably my second favourite. But all of the songs are so fucking great. Choosing favourites does feel like a battle already lost. Or a battle where everyone wins.

    I’m usually not that into the thought of meeting people I admire, but I would love to go for dinner with her.
    GOD, why am I such a homo?!?!
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  20. Jessie always felt like a low-key artist to me, in spite of having all of her albums in the top 10. Now, it feels like she's finally getting the overdue recognition she deserves, and with her best album yet. It's so amazing to witness, and could not be more deserved.
    I remember years ago when I'd mention her to friends and it would be like 'who's that again?' and now she's plastered over everyones insta stories! How crazy but amazing is that? She's just incredible.
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