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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. this... from you???
  2. **best non-Taylor Swift album of 2020.

    @TaylorNation it was only a joke I swear!!!!
  3. Please has been playlisted on Capital Dance and it’s even their chosen jam of the week. I’m pretty sure that’s her first real traction on Capital in quite some time. This commercial upswing all feels so... wild(est moments) after Glasshouse, but it’s certainly nothing to complain about.

    It seems that the label is taking her far more seriously these days and investing in her as such. Yes Jessie, yes main British pop girl.
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  4. 2014

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    100% accurate and you should say it xx
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  5. What's Your Pleasure? was my second favorite album behind Phoebe Bridger's Punisher, but both capture the two major sides of catharsis of 2020. Phoebe covers the sad, pensive, heavy feelings and Jessie's reconnects with the joy and nostalgia of life pre-covid. I posted in this thread about listening to the album on the walk back from a socially distanced 4th of July gathering with two friends in a park, and it was the most magical soundtrack. I'll never forget that night because of this album. So excited for the deluxe tracks to breathe new life!
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  6. The beat and bassline for Please is what i needed from this QUEEN OF THE CIGS right after Overtime. FUCKKKKK, THIS IS AN ERA. I want to see her LIVE.

    Imagine if Madonna recorded this. It sounds like a lost track from somewhere in her discography.
  7. So aside from Tough Love (the song), the Disclosure remix of Running, I’d never really listened to Jessie that much. However, I kept meaning to listen to this album and once the deluxe was announced, I knew I had to get into it.

    I have honestly been obsessed with it for the past week and have even ordered the cassette and vinyl of Platinum Pleasure. What a project!
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  8. Much like @xOJakeXo this sat alongside Fetch the Bolt Cutters as my album of the year. Jessie kept me going, brought me joy when it felt so distant (like while listening to Fiona while laying on the floor feeling like I just had to keep surviving the next moment to get to some unknown future moment when everything wouldn’t suck) Jessie made those future moments feel so real. She made some of those moments real, headphones in, home alone dancing in total freedom. Ugh beb Im a first life long stan
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  9. This was in my top 5 with Fiona, Moses Sumney, Perfume Genius, and HAIM. It was just that good.
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    This, Future Nostalgia, Club Future Nostalgia and Roisin Machine in the same year will go down in history. Bops forever.
  11. Why so quiet? Say it LOUD AND PROUD!
  12. 100% feel you on this, What's Your Pleasure?, Fetch the Bolt Cutters, folklore and evermore round up my top 4 and gave me so much comfort last year in a way few albums have in a long time. Honorary mention to Roisin for giving us a disco-club experience as well.

    Ugh, the taste all of you display on this page!
  13. The three albums that helped me massively get through the last year, and that I still continue to play religiously.

    The holy trinity.
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  14. Seeing Please gain a bit of traction is so surreal but so deserved. It's by far my favourite song released in this era so far.
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  15. Please is that lead single any big pop girl would kill for. It's kind of hilarious that she just casually spent it on a deluxe edition reissue. But I have a feeling this might do really well, like a good 15k first week. I think she's never had a higher profile as a popstar?
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  16. Just noticed there’s an animated cover for the reissue on Apple Music. It’s the little details I love!
  17. She is not a big popstar because she doesn't play the games of the industry and her music is very classy for the GP. Thank god she gained a lot of new listeners with this album. The singles would've been worldwide hits twenty years ago.
  18. I haven't been around when Say You Love Me was smashing, but now is definitely one of her finest times as an artist. It feels like everyone loves her, as I've seen my casual friends playing What's Your Pleasure songs on daily basis (and it's not because I shoved those songs down the throat for them).
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  19. Please is sublime. That said, are the background vocals hitting a little too hard for anyone else? Perhaps it's the mixing, but at times, they make Jessie feel like the guest vocalist in her own song.
  20. W2K


    The backing vocals are my favourite parts of the song! But I get what you mean.
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