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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. I use the Adore You remix more than the original. I’ll say it!
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  2. I can understand that Soul Control may fall a bit too much into pastiche category for someone, but it's perfect, energetic disco bop with flawless vocals and it has to be appreciated.
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  3. The least strong link on the original edition is ‘Adore You’ and that’s still a great song.
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  4. “Adore You”‘s inclusion, accessible yet avant-garde styling is what makes the album in a league of its own and cements as my favorite of 2020’s disco albums.
  5. I wanted to add to the conversation with my own skippable song but I truly don't think I could pick one. It's the definition of all killer, no filler.
  6. Sam


    In Your Eyes is the weakest link for me, but I wouldn’t ever skip it.
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  7. Adore You is a gorgeous girl and I'm always sad to see there's people who don't enjoy it as much
  8. If you see the album as a night out, Adore You is that moment when you really fall for someone and the rest of the dancing is done in private. Pure lush intimacy, and a crucial moment for the storyline. It perfectly connects the boppy first half with the ethereal second one. Absolutely flawless. No weakest links, no anything, not on What's Your Pleasure.
  9. eck


    Adore You was my song of 2019

    After Glasshouse (which had its moments but was somewhat forgettable for me), Adore You restored my stan status.

    I love that "I adore you" chorus, it's so simple but..just gets so passionate with every "I adore you". My other faves could never.
  10. Musician, writer, artist, videographer, podcast host, cook, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, wig snatcher and now super model.

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  11. Ranking:

    Soul Control, the Kill
    Everything else
  12. Jessie really said this tour is gay rights
  13. The sheer disdain for the North East... its what we deserve for not selling the date out.
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  14. How is Glasgow not sold out? The disrespect.
  15. What. This "weakest link" on What’s Your Pleasure discussion got out of control.

    It's obviously Ohh La La
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  16. Looking for weak moments on What's Your Pleasure...some of you don't deserve nice things.

    May you hear nothing but Rag N Bone Man on a continuous loop.
  17. Bebs, my signed Jessie copy from Banquet has been dispatched.

    20200526 Random J Pop (Music video) Jessie Ware - Save a kiss.png
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  18. Mine too. How many signed copies were originally put up on Banquet? Didn't take her long to get them all signed!
  19. At least 200 but I think a few more went on sale today.
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  20. Gah! Missed it again. I'll console myself with the fact that she used a black sharpie instead of platinum silver.
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