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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Jam


    The fact that I can already sense Amazon delivering this to me at the lastest possible moment on Friday when I'm working from home so in all day.
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  2. FNAC took my paypal money so it’s coming! I’m hyped
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  3. Nooo, digipaks :"( The red cassette is gorge, though. The Amazon slipcase is lovely too (and hides the new cover dddd), glad I snatched it.
  4. I had no idea the cassette would be red - looks fab and makes me even more excited for my bundle arriving!
  5. I was expecting card packaged CDs, not jewel cases, but that Amazon slipcase would look a lot nicer if it was matte, doesn’t look like the pen worked well on it either!
  6. The silver mirroring effect works I guess but the deluxe cover is still such a wasted opportunity.
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  7. My one tiny complaint for the era is the deluxe cover. She had such a wealth of photos they could have played with in grayscale for the cover - but it’s really a minor thing for me in the scale of all we got. The visuals are just so gorgeous I wish she managed to get them all out as covers.
  8. Is it actually the same as tinfoil ARTPOP? Legendaric albums only.
  9. How have I won a virtual meet and greet again??? Can’t wait to thank her for the entire campaign getting me through the last 12 months
  10. I bought the CD and cassette bundle (I am content with the regular vinyl edition I have cause that cover is meh) and I love that the cassette is red, looks great.
  11. The cover looks very nice on vinyl judging from that photo, but I'm going to second all of those opinions that it is a wasted opportunity. The visual direction for this era was amazing and consistent, but their only misstep is deluxe cover.
  12. Sis, me too!! Although for the first time.
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  13. Ms Ware saying “pick… me or queuing for Record Store Day” is equally iconic/homophobic.
  14. My housemate has also won the Virtual M+G!
  15. Do the meet and greet while you’re in the queue dd
  16. Y’all fucking icons and I’m jealous and happy for ya! Ask her about touring the EU plz!
  17. My platinum pleasure has just arrived!
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  18. Got an email that I had won a personal meet and greet with Jessie this Saturday between 8:30-11:00am BST. I can’t attend so if anyone wants my code shoot me a message.
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  19. Did they email telling you it had been dispatched?
  20. At least it’s just the cover and not the main single that was a misstep. Looking at you We’re Good.
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