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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. It’s the streaming time, ladies.

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  2. Her book in the bottom right is sending me.
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  3. GIRLS. Opinion pls



    or this?


    Slipcase or 3 good prints? Did somebody receive them already and know what everything looks like?

    Thanks x
  4. Oh wow, 0208 is truly magical. It’s giving me Devotion/Tough Love vibes and this beb is definitely here for it.
  5. She's done it again. I can't pick a favourite!
  6. LTG


    Little bebs won. She could really just play the Platinum Pleasure and not much else on the tour.
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  7. If you liked the photos then best getting bundle since the prints are signed.

    I think people have said the signature on the slipcase doesn't show up well, but don't quote me on that.
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  8. An album.
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  9. Please, Impossible, Eyes Closed….yes! I normally wouldn’t trust an artist to make 19 tracks all to such a high standard, with no filler, and still be completely cohesive but Jessie did that!
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  10. The most emphatic victory lap. Could act as its own standalone EP, or as doubling the original album, or as its teaser, or as its epilogue. An incredible artist.
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  11. When I visit London in December (Rona willing), it will be my first concert since Covid began, my first time ever visiting the UK, and my first time seeing Jessie. The fact that it’ll be for an album that’s already in my top ten favorites of all time is just a bonus. So, so elated at every single platinum song here.
  12. All the songs are good but Impossible, 0208 and Eyes Closed are just perfect. I have no words left to say.
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  13. Yeah, she did what she had to do. Happy Pride, bebs.
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  14. I actually can't comprehend how good this is.

    I only listened to all Platinum songs once but cheered for every single one after each listen. The melodic, production, and vocal choices are perfect, always. Everything here shows just as much effort as the original album, with incredible progression. She covers this new galactic vibe on Impossible, early 90s prom song in Pale Blue Light (THE END?!), the amped up heavenly sex of Eyes Closed, and 0208 has that intimate, quiet pulse of something like Anytime You Like by Robyn, with her voice completely immersing you.

    I mean fuck!
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  15. I’ve wanted pop music to sound like this for my entire life, she’s nothing short of a savior.
  16. I might have to buy this vinyl….this is somehow better than the original release?? How???
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  17. 05A72C7D-DB26-4F2A-A14D-7258178827A7.jpeg

    How the fuck does she keep doing this?! No misses. None!

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  18. The way every song on this perfectly compliments the feeling of the original album. What a total elevation. Perfection upon perfection. I am honestly blown away, nobody is doing it like her.
  19. Ladies, I'm only on my first listen and 'Impossible' is making me melt, wheeeew what a sultry banger. Our fave Ms. Ware has given us bebs all the pleasure we need this era xx.
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  20. Thank you, it did too when I came up with it. Shshs. But couldn’t find a signed copy to quickly put in!

    The Platinum Pleasure is... fantastic!
    Heard the first play on my vinyl - love love love!
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