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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. It's crazy how this is Overtime's actual home. I thought she had just been cyberbullied into putting it on the deluxe but clearly she knew something we didn't.
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  2. She added more 10s to an album already full of them. Her mind!
  3. Wow… What can I say about this release that hasn’t already been said? In the era of wimpy “deluxe” re-releases for the sake of boosted streaming numbers, Jessie gave this album the red carpet treatment it deserves. All the new tracks honor the original album’s essence so nicely.

    While I adore the original album’s pacing and wouldn’t change a single thing about it, two well-tailored ballads as deluxe tracks on a nonstop disco record is a nice touch. And also great to see Overtime get some representation! It’s still a banger, even right next to Hot N Heavy.
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  4. 1. Spotlight
    2. What’s Your Pleasure
    3. Ooh La La
    4. Soul Control
    5. Save A Kiss
    6. Adore You
    7. In Your Eyes
    8. Step Into My Life
    9. Read My Lips
    10. Mirage
    11. The Kill
    12. Remember Where You Are
    13. Please
    14. Impossible
    15. Eyes Closed
    16. Overtime
    17. Hot N Heavy
    18. Pale Blue Light
    19. 0208
    20. Adore You (Endless Remix)

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  5. My gawd I just love Jessie Ware. What’s Your Pleasure was my album of 2020, and now 2021.

    Pure quality.
  6. Just had my virtual M&G with her - an absolute queen & I managed to squeeze in a request for Aaliyah on the tour setlist and she said "OOOH good idea-" just as it ended!
  7. I think it would truly be a cherry on top if it were a separate EP called "Platinum Pleasure", optionally paired with the original record. It would be her "Fame Monster" moment of whatever. It's too good for a "bonus disc" title.
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  8. Just had the meet and greet too! She's SO lovely but my god that minute flew by!
    Briefly mentioned the tour and she said in Newcastle she always gets requested to get her tits out ahaha
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  9. I told Jessie Devotion is one of my favourite albums ever and she was like AWWWWWWWW. Just the cutest. She saw how nervous I was and basically led the (short) conversation. BD Energy!
  10. Yeah, almost a year later this album is still so brilliant. I’d usually skip to newer tracks if it were any other album but this album is still such a pleasure (hehe) to listen to from start to finish. She deserves the world.
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  11. All the formats on her store are lovely but I have no real use for polaroid's, so went for the signed edition on Amazon. This is the third copy of the album I own, first physical one though. Helping beb get that Platinum pleasure.
  12. she said everyone at Record Store Day is gorgeous, Vinyljustice rights x
  13. "Aaliyah" is such an underrated entry in her discography, tbh.
  14. Since we already know how much greatness she deliveres this era, I begin to wonder what wonderful things will come up with the next album. Surely What's Your Pleasure paired with Platinum deluxe is going to get certification throughout the year, and I hope that the universal acclaim and love for this album will provide her bigger budget from the label for the next era.
  15. I normally find rereleases contain weaker tracks that were left off the album for a reason, but this is absolutely not the case here. It really does feel like a Part 2 or an extension of the original. I'm so glad I discovered Jessie with this album.
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  16. She's done it again! These new songs are all amazing, currently obsessed with Impossible.
  17. If anything I think the success of this one will be the springboard into whatever’s next. She’s never seen critical acclaim, commercial success and even radio play like this before - combined with the fact she’s sticking with what’s working (uptempo music with the WYP team on board again), it feels like the next album could be even bigger now that she’s proven herself and her instincts. And hopefully if she’s still intent on releasing early 2022 she can snatch the #1 album she deserves.
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  18. A triumph.
  19. Pale Blue Light just hit.

  20. The tour in December is going to be such a moment. I have tickets for things before December that I just don't believe will actually go ahead (Hi Dua!) so for my first live experience in almost two years to be this album?...

    I'm gonna be a mess but also bopping.
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