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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Oh god I love her so much. When the tour comes it will be such a moment.

    tenor (19).gif
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  2. What format is it? Slipcase + digipak?
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  3. Si, mi amor! ...I think?
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  4. I've never been more proud to be a beb. What a triumphant victory lap.
  5. My sister, family brought up right.


    Also my signed copy from Banquet has arrived.

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  6. The way this album is becoming one of my favourite albums of all time, honestly I’m so proud of her and this moment. She really said queer rights this era!!
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  7. My signed Polaroid set has one missing ddd
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  8. Can’t stop listening to Platinum Pleasure. The AOTY 2 years in a row feels right.
  9. My favourite moment of the video meet and greet was her asking ‘why the fuck’ I’d bought the cassette as ‘I bet you don’t even have anything to play it on!’
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  10. She's a national treasure at this point.
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  11. HMD


    Can’t wait to receive my vinyl! I’m holding off from hearing the new songs bar Please and Hot N Heavy and all your positive comments are getting me even more excited for that first spin!
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  12. While 0208 is lovely and the Adore You remix has its redeeming qualities, the album really feels buttoned up with Pale Blue Light.
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  13. Hey girlies, here I am with more pointless streaming info xx

    The album got 638,602 streams in its first full day, up from 222,214 the day prior. 0208 was the most streamed track with 109,971 streams whereas the Adore You Remix was the least streamed of the new tracks with 15,928 streams. Here is a list of track by track ranked from highest to lowest:

    0208 - 109,971
    Hot N Heavy - 74,961
    Whats Your Pleasure - 50,729
    Spotlight - 38,275
    Impossible- 37,191
    Eyes Closed - 34,062
    Please - 32,450
    Overtime -29,584
    Pale Blue Light - 29,422 (#JusticeForPaleBlueLight)
    Soul Control - 26,368
    Remember Where You Are - 25,322
    Save A Kiss - 25,198
    Ooh La La - 23,771
    Adore You - 18,088
    Adore You (Remix) - 15,928
    Mirage - 13,836
    In Your Eyes -13,784
    Step Into My Life - 13,731
    The Kill - 13,056
    Read My Lips - 12,875
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  14. Eyes Closed is a sex bop.
  15. I haven’t caught up on the thread but I must say Pale Blue Light had be SOBBING
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Read My Lips deserves better!!!!
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  17. My signed Amazon copy is coming today and if folk in my house think I won't be stationed by the letterbox until it arrives then they are solely mistaken.
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  18. Yes it’s the shiny digipak with the black slipcase.

    Love that the booklet has all of the lyrics in it too.
  19. Outside just obliterated my wigline. Queen.

    *Overtime! Overtime obliterated my wigline. Fuck.
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  20. who?
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