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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. That performance of Remember Where You Are is just pure goosebumps from the very first to the very last note. What a song. It somehow becomes more powerful and meaningful to me as time goes by. Jessica did that.

    Also, how cute are Jessie and Sam, driving through London in their Volvo, listening to the delicious goods Jessie cooked up in the studio and just generally having a kii together? Couple goals doesn’t even begin to cover it. (Her lecturing him on harmonies is just another iconique string to her What’s Your Pleasure bow, dddd.)
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  2. Fucking hell.
  3. Glasshouse must’ve really had you in a coma because you have heard Overtime before ddd

    I’m re-reading the thread to find out what the girlies thought of the album at the time
  4. Just don't forget that desire in love
    Always leads to trouble and it's never enough
    Already mine and I'm already yours
    Once I give a little, want a little bit more

    The outro on Eyes Closed is so good. In the banger stakes I like it much more than Impossible, which feels a bit demo-ish/title track redux to me (still a bop).
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  5. Overtime reminds me of this overlooked gem:

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  6. And boy did she do that.
  7. How can all of the superlatives still somehow not be enough for that performance??
  8. "You could imagine little Katy B on this number ['Overtime']" - taste!
  9. I completely forgot that she was pregnant also during the Overtime release. She really followed the Sophie formula* and I lowkey stan.

    * Sophie formula (2004): Number of kids + 1 = Number of studio albums
  10. Pale blue light is just so good and there is moments in the melody that sound very mariah can't let go
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  11. My boyfriend surprised me with a signed copy of the deluxe album on vinyl today!
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  12. Has anyone tried to work the Platinum songs into the original track list?
  13. I...think this is legitimately the best she's ever sounded? The way she's heavily pregnant and still hustling, releasing and performing, on the back of one of the best records (and repackages) of all time. I couldn't stan her more.
    1. Spotlight
    2. What’s Your Pleasure?
    3. Ooh La La
    4. Soul Control
    5. Save A Kiss
    6. Adore You
    7. In Your Eyes
    8. Step Into My Life
    9. Read My Lips
    10. Mirage (Don't Stop)
    11. The Kill
    12. Remember Where You Are
    13. Please
    14. Impossible
    15. Eyes Closed
    16. Overtime
    17. Hot n Heavy
    18. Pale Blue Light
    19. 0208
    20. Adore You (Endless Remix)
  14. I think her vocals in Hot n Heavy are my favourite. The breathy verses and the soaring chorus. I think it's my favourite of the new songs.
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  15. Her voice on the chorus on Hot N Heavy remind me of Joss Stone.
    Eyes Closed and Impossible are my favourites from the new songs, but all of them are so damn good.
  16. Why does the concept of another Jessie × Katy B collaboration excite me so much more than a Jessie × Kylie collaboration?
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  17. Thank you! This was VERY helpful.

    I needed another reminder why I don't post here much.
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  18. That was really beautifuly executed performance, I kinda loved all of the camera work. And obviously her charisma and vocals are undeniable. We're going to watch her imperial phase when the new era starts.
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