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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Yikes @ Sam shading Hot N Heavy. You just can’t win them all!
  2. The perf was such a delight. She's in her element singing this song, and the edit was actually not too choppy. I wonder if it's tiring to constantly reach new heights? She made the vocal sound casual. Effortless queen.
  3. Because soul quality control is sexy!
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  5. She really is a gift that keeps on giving. Remember Where You Are has actually become my favourite song on the album.
  6. I only received 3 polaroids from her store too, anyone else too? I read it here but can’t find no more
  7. Wow. I could listen to her sing all day.

    And sometimes do!
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  8. Marry him now.
  9. 1. Spotlight
    2. What's Your Pleasure?
    3. Ooh La La
    4. Hot N Heavy
    5. Soul Control
    6. Please
    7. Save a Kiss
    8. Overtime
    9. Adore You
    10. In Your Eyes
    11. Impossible
    12. Step Into My Life
    13. Read My Lips
    14. Eyes Closed
    15. Pale Blue Light
    16. Mirage (Don't Stop)
    17. 0208
    18. The Kill
    19. Remember Where You Are
  10. Stunning performance!
  11. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Honestly breathtaking. I really wish she had gotten the opportunity to perform this at the BRITs, I just know it would've been her "Someone Like You" moment.
  12. Yes, I'm insane like that.

    01- Spotlight
    02- What's Your Pleasure
    03- Ooh La La
    04- Please
    05- Adore You
    06- In Your Eyes
    07- Pale Blue Light
    08- Read My Lips
    09- Soul Control
    10- Hot N Heavy
    11- Step Into my Life
    12- Impossible
    13- Overtime
    14- Save a Kiss
    15- The Kill
    16- Mirage
    17- Eyes Closed
    18- 0208
    19- Remember Where You Are
  13. All of y’all not putting Pale Blue Light and Remember Where You Are together. They are perfect sisters.
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  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I swear to God when I eventually see her perform this will never be the same.
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  15. As everyone has already pointed out, this Deluxe Edition is yet another triumph with not a single mediocre song. My favorites are Please, Eyes Closed and Pale Blue Light, but each and every song is a winner here.

    I know it's usually all about the bops but seeing this Fallon-performance and listening to Pale Blue Light, I just want to stress out how impeccable all these ballads are. In Your Eyes, The Kill, Remember Where You Are and Pale Blue Light are all 10/10, and this after Glasshouse. They all have in common that they start pretty good and just get better and better which each second of their runtime. Yet another massive outro on Pale Blue Light, love it.
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  16. The main album and also the deluxe so perfectly encapsulate all of the vibes she’s perfected up to now. She’s got the dreamy ballads, the moody midtempos and the all out bops. Whereas her first three albums were predominantly geared into (typically) one of these lanes, her future work continuing to be some combination of the three is sure to spell further AOTY candidates.

    She’s really found what works for her and we are lucky enough to bear witness to it. The next album is going #1 Little Warehousers.
  17. We’re called Bebs.
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  18. Bebs - Sam’s Our Man: The Warehousers Edition
  19. Not going for a gay hyperbole here but has she ever sounded better? I honestly don’t think so.
  20. HMD


    She just delivers time after time. Queen!
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