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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. HMD


    She just delivers time after time. Queen!
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  2. I know, I thought the same earlier. This is the kind of torch paper performance that ignites a whole career. I've become a Jessie obsessive since Spotlight, and I've spent pretty much every day since the outset of Covid with her, but this performance / vocal just floored me.
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  3. That performance was absolutely everything. It's really crazy, when you think she can't get any better she tops herself. The way her voice just flies is amazing, she was radiating joy and it makes me so proud to be a fan.
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  4. pdf


    That song gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME
  5. I see this album as Jessie’s Rhythm Of Live type era. It’s a clubbed-up lined-up serve.
  6. Perched for ha Word Is Out/Let's Get To It in that case.
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  7. Why would you wish such ill will upon Jessie Ware?
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  8. Just beautiful- stunning performances.

    I live for the moment I hear “The Kill” live
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  9. The Kill is like Diana Ross produced by Kraftwerk. AMAZING.
  10. Yes Jessie give us EVERYTHING!

    She leaves me absolutely beaming, stellar performances there.

    I'm manifesting a couple of dates at The Royal Albert Hall with a live orchestra in the future.
  11. Imagine being her neighbour. I ain't mad about the noise... also, can Sam Beb come mow the lawn?
  12. When Pale Blue Light hits you, it hits
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  13. Hi @Popjustice can I please change my name to the lawn?
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  14. I’ve been absolutely enthralled by her insta stories with her hubby this week.
  15. Some of the comments in the first 10 - 15 pages of this thread are WILD
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  16. I guess now we know the answer.
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  17. I really like Glasshouse....
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  18. She put a story for uk tour merch ideas. And in the same story she apologized that she can’t make poppers happen, she’s sorry.

    Beb knows us so well!
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  19. Ok but we need:
    A Beb t-shirt
    A #Justiceforovertime t-shirt
    What's Your Pleasure Hot Pants
    Platinum Pleasure condoms
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