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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Finally caught up on the re-release over the last couple of days. After about 2 minutes of Pale Blue Light, I'm thinking this is the song y'all were losing your minds over? To me it sounded like a perfectly produced, inoffensive Alicia Keys'esque Oscar-baity ballad from an inspiring biopic.

    And, then... that bridge kicked in and, yeah, I got it. What a knockout.
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  2. Much like the tracks on the original album did, all these new songs just continue to grow and grow for me.
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  3. I am re-obsessed with "Overtime." #Justice4Overtime indeed.
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  4. 3Xs


    I love the tracklisting but I do think it would have been nice if Overtime was the first track on the deluxe, at least on the digital edition. It would be a cute "now the album is really running into overtime" kinda vibe.
  5. CLOSE





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  6. Playing this album/religion in full almost daily, but the weather's turned here, it's rainy and miserable and I'm in such a Tough Love kinda mood.

    Keep On Lying (so lush), Champagne Kisses, Cruel, You & I (Forever) (how was this not a hit for her?), Want Your Feeling (bop!), the incredible title track (and its stunning Cyril Hahn remix)... it's a real vibe front to back, but super hooky and accessible too. Vocally I feel she developed a lot on this record. Props also to the bonus tracks, especially Midnight Caller (obv).

    The whole thing deserved a lot more attention than I feel it ultimately got.
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  7. All the way from 2018 Overtime still slaps soo hard. What a banger

  8. I understand why they went with Say You Love Me as the focus single (despite my general disdain for that song) but also think that it positioned her a bit weirdly for the mainstream - Devotion was all kinds of wonderful yet it wasn’t really on the radar of the GP - so they must have assumed that she was an Ed Sheeran collaborating balladeer (and not that this particular track was actually an outlier).
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  9. Jessie Ware Gay Icon

  10. It did cross the 100,000 sales mark earlier this month, though - let's celebrate that!

  11. Oh my GOD. Gay Twitter remains unrivaled.
  12. She’s a part of this record for charity. She’s on the lead single “Lost in LA” with James Vincent McMorrow.

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  13. New (I think?) remix of Please. It sounds straight out of the late 90s / early 00s dd, make of that what you will. I'll just scream at that drop.

  14. David Jackson is bae, can't wait to hear it!
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  15. What's Your Pleasure: Neon Nights Edition
  16. That remix is gay as hell. I want it playing at my funeral (aptly, since it killed the cig this morning).
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  17. He's also 21.
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  18. Record stores near me in the U.S. are actually carrying the Platinum Pleasure vinyl… Now that’s what I call gay rights, my Little Warehouses!
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