Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

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Trying to deal with the heat by listening to this album sitting in the garden. While there are tiers of amazingness, there is literally not one single skippable song on this whole album and re-release. I'm not a fan of long albums but this could easily have just been a 19-track album on release.
So I’ve been saving listening to the deluxe till when I’m in the right frame of mind to appreciate it. I’m so glad I waited. Mind. Blown. Personal Album of the Year for 2020 and 2021? Very very likely. I just can’t @ Pale Blue Light. How many ways are there to describe perfection?
Same for me… Strange.

+1, and they were so incompetent that they told me they cannot resend it. I'm so annoyed, as I really liked that bundle, and they provided no reasoning whatsoever.

In any case, the album is killer and I'll find another way to get it!
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I realised at some point in the last week, playing the entire of Platinum Pleasure and Tough Love back to back, that Jessie has become my favourite popstar on the planet. She occupies that Kylie circa '03 place in my heart. I had a spiritual epiphany to Pale Blue Light riding home fairly drunk tonight and I just feel overwhelmingly that nobody is doing it like her. Queen.
The shiny silver finish for the digipak is so nice and I didn’t know the signed poster will be this huge! It only took a month plus to get to my third world country but so worth it.

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