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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. She did say that! In her first email about the tour she said that we might hear new material. I imagine a new single isn’t all that far away either if she’s intent on dropping the album before festival season.
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  2. Working in the North East next week so decided to go up on the Sunday and see Jessie in Newcastle. Excited!
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  3. See you there!
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  4. Ooh la la!
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  5. Very panicky question but a few (literally 2 or 3) people on social media are replying to Jessie saying “please don’t cancel the *insert city here* date!” Is there even a chance of this new variant canceling concerts? I’m flying all the way to London to see her on the 13th so I sure as hell hope nothing changes before then.
  6. Just go, and whatever happens happens. You can't predict this so enjoy the trip.
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  7. Very hard to say. It doesn't sound like it on the basis that our Prime Minister has said he will review things in 3 weeks

    I know how worrying it is to fly somewhere specifically for a gig - I had Tove Lo in Paris cancelled a week or so before travelling but around 6 hours after we arrived (to try and make the most of it, Eifel tower, Moulin rouge, catacombs etc) Macron announced a lockdown and we were left with nothing to do for the rest of the trip x
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  8. Thats assuming there is other things to do and not a full lockdown haha see previous post for my example from March 2020
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  9. So so excited to hear the following live (in approx 2 hours):

    In Your Eyes
    The Kill
    All On You (a boy can wish)
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  10. So happy this is going ahead for folks who can make it. I have flights and everything to go to the final date in London, but I’m going to cancel. Between having to isolate till we get a negative PCR, plus the prospect of staying for 10 days if we happen to be positive, plus the prospect of needing to test again before coming back to the US, plus wanting to be with family for Christmas just a few days later…I just can’t justify the risks. But oh how I want to!
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  11. Is there a way to get a refund?
  12. Who has a setlist?
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  13. Been searching for videos but nothing. Nothing on yet.
  14. Patience! She won't even be off the stage yet!
  15. Manifesting Spotlight as the opener.
  16. Correct

    bit homophobic of her not to perform Overtime or Eyes Closed x
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  17. So you're telling us there is no #justiceforovertime?
  18. No encore either, I thought she'd be working overtime by coming back. I've never seen an audience hang around after the lights have come up. We wanted more!
  19. Damn. I'm surprised to see What's Your Pleasure being sung so early. I would not have put it there.
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