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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. Good venue in Manchester?
    What did she open with, and close with?
  2. Has there been any word of recording a performance for DVD or livestream release?
  3. I checked again this morning - nothing showing, assume it’s sold out now?
  4. She opened with Spotlight and closed with Save a Kiss
    Both went off, the end in particular was euphoric, if anyone has the opportunity to snatch a ticket, do so. I'm not wild on that venue in Manchester, I went to see London Grammar in the same place a few weeks ago and I found the venue really tough but it worked last night, partly because it felt like a big old queer club.
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  5. It's possible the new album - or at least some new tracks - will drop before Primavera, so we could be in for two entirely different shows.
  6. I know! There should be an unspoken rule about artists performing as less new songs as possible to make us happy since we haven’t been able to enjoy these pandemic albums live!
  7. Sam


  8. She has had a great back catalogue anyway, but with all these bangers from What's Your Pleasure and the Deluxe Edition, she has really taken it to the next level. Seems like she's shuffling the songs a bit, order of songs changed from Birmingham to Manchester. Since In Your Eyes and The Kill are among my Top 3 of What's Your Pleasure, I'm a bit sad they don't seem to appear on her Setlist thus far. However, with their prominent use of strings it's probably the wrong tour anyway. I hope she'll do a performance in the Royal Albert Hall with the BBC Symphony Orchestra like Lianne La Havas and Moses Sumney did. I think it might be possible since Jules Buckley arranged the strings on these songs. I'm sure all these string-laden tracks from What's Your Pleasure, including Spotlight and Step Into My Life, sounded wonderful and then there's a bunch of older songs like Cruel and Something Inside that could be included.
  9. Imagine having ‘Imagine It Was Us’ in your discography, then doing a disco album and not performing it on the associated disco tour?
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  10. pdf


  11. OK but the whip microphone has me gagged

  12. 2014

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  13. The apparent full setlist from yesterday
    Ooh La La
    Read My Lips
    Step Into My Life
    Wildest Moments
    110 %
    Soul Control
    Say You Love Me
    Champagne Kisses
    Kiss Of Life
    Remember Where You Are
    Running (Remix)
    Hot N Heavy
    Whats Your Pleasure?
    Save A Kiss
  14. In Birmingham there was a guy in his 50s doing poppers next to me. This is the audience she has earned now, and they're forever loyal!
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  15. @letuinmybackdoor snapped!
  16. If she cut that song co written by that man and inserted an Overtime/Imagine It Was Us medley, it might be the greatest set list of all time. We’ve officially moved past the need to recognise that track as her biggest song anymore.
  17. Justice for Imagine It Was Us and Time After Time!
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  18. The song always gets a big reaction at any of her shows and last night was no exception. It’s going nowhere.
  19. Oh yes. What an overlooked monster of a song.
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