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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. Still having two tickets for the Saturday London show on that I would be happy to give to a fellow PJer for a good price. Sadly can not travel at that time. So whoever is on the edge, hit me up.
  2. Not been as excited for a gig… ever as I am for Saturday.

    I hope she has had adequate time to integrate Overtime, 0208, Impossible and Adore You into the set list!
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  3. I’ve got two tickets for Sunday. DM me if interested!
  4. The demand.
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  5. Ddd I have 3 tickets for tonight for a show that has been rescheduled twice… and I can’t make it.
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  6. Trying to get Harry tickets to see Jessie and the way I hate Ticketmaster. If any PJers ever want to join me taking them down, we ride at dawn
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  7. Literally! The show I was most looking forward to, rescheduled twice and then it falls on a wedding. Luckily I’ll be seeing her at Glasto.
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  8. Am I going to be the only one there?
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  9. People not only going to weddings willingly but on concert nights too?
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  10. Her possibly being my last act at Prima feels so right....

    I know it's not a Banger, but I hope she keeps Wildest Moments on the setlist, so I can happy cry
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  11. Sam


    @Kyle. you bailing on Chromatica smh
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  12. RRS


    Just got home from Bristol. She was incredible! So worth the wait.
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  13. RRS


    its still on there - setlist was the same as originally
  14. She was fabulous last night. She’s had a Dua-like glow up with regards to her performing.
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  15. So with no changes to the setlist I wonder if we'll get another surprise in the form of one Miss Minogue? She's in London too.

    Would love a duet on the last show.
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  16. Anyone know how rough timings for the show or if any support acts?
  17. So so excited to see her tonight! My sequin jacket is ready
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  18. Representing the Belgian bebs tonight. So excited.
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  19. Bit late if you’re going tonight but at Bristol Jodie Harsh was supporting on about 20:00 then Jessie at 21:00.
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  20. I’ve just seen Lennie - I was so excited and flustered I could have DIED.
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