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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. Feel like I’m the only one not singing to Say You’ll Love Me dddddd

    it’s just not my bag baby!
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  2. mpl


    So gutted to have missed this tonight with Kylie (on her birthday!) - thanks Covid (the irony)! And it’s funny because I have a feeling if the December dates had happened Kylie would have done the second show because that was the final tour date. Whereas now she’s done the first…unless she does both of course!
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Jessie put on the best show I’ve ever been to teebs. No duds at all, and bonus Kylie - not even my cancelled train can ruin this for me!!!

    Cheers beb xx
  4. What a show!!! And wow, we got a Kylie bonus!!
  5. Jessie did not come to play! What a phenomenal show. My first proper gig since Covid, too! Kylie making an appearance was the icing on an already glorious cake. If there is a gay heaven, it is basically tonight’s gig on repeat.

    I’m so glad I got tickets at the very last minute - being in London and all - and finally heard those wig-snatching What’s Your Pleasure bops live. Plus, bonus Lennie! (She glows, I tell you - a literal angel.)

    Happy camper beb.
  6. It was just euphoric
  7. Full performance with Kylie.
  8. Still got those two tickets for tomorrow if anyone’s tempted!
  9. Fucking called it. I knew it.

    Hopefully she brings her back out again tomorrow.

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  10. SMG


    What a show.
  11. This is everything.
  12. Jam


    Still on a high from last night, now sat on a train, off on holiday, (finally geting round to) reading Omelette whilst working through her albums. I love her.

    After my initial fear that the last minute tickets (as I never got my own due to moving and not being able to commit to too many shows when they went on sale) I bought off someone for the December date would turn out to be invalid or they would have managed to get their own replacement tickets and our barcodes would count as scanned (...and to think, I work in theatre ticketing!)

    The way I grabbed my boyfriend as I clocked the start of Kiss of Life and saw a woman in a silver dress walk on from the back of the stage. Him oblivious until she stepped into the light.

    And Kylie aside, Jessie was wonderful, I've been a fan since the start but yesterday was my first time seeing her, with arguably my fave album of hers and one of my most played overall from the last few years.
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  13. I feel so lucky to have been there last night! Despite being halfway up the circle, I was still completely captivated.

    Every second of the two-year wait to hear What's Your Pleasure? in all its live glory was worth it. I love this woman so much, and am so thrilled she brought What's Your Pleasure? into the world.

    Save Your Kiss was an absolutely euphoric closer. Long time since I've had post-gig blues like this omg.
  14. I’m crying watching those videos with Kylie, I’m not even jealous I wasn’t there because I’m not sure I would have survived that moment.
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  15. A song. A moment. Death to the woman speaking during the first part.

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  16. @Stopremix kindly hooked me up with sunday night tickets as well and managed to get to the front and wow, it was just as incredible minus the Kylie of it all. The crowd did not hold back.

    She is such a flawless and well rounded performer - the charisma is next level
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  17. Yay! So glad you were able to enjoy it again. I was there in spirit!
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  18. Not only was this my first gig since Covid, it was also my first time going to a gig in the UK and I have to say, UK audiences are much more exuberant than Belgian audiences. The atmosphere and vibe were electric, there was so much love in the room and everybody was singing along. I loved it! Belgian audiences are so - perhaps too? - reserved by comparison. (Also, there were a lot of beautiful - gay - men in the audience, whew. Is eye candy a good enough reason to move?)

    Special shoutout to the man and woman who were fighting after the gig, to the point where security had to intervene, and when the woman ran off, the man yelled "I'll get you on Twitter, bitch!". Like, iconique.
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