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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

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    i imagine end time will be 1030 at latest
  2. She was on at 9pm and finished about 10.15ish. The show was even more amazing this time than last!
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  3. Thank you, I'm so looking forward to it. It feels like it's been such a journey getting here - show was meant to be April 2021, then got moved to December, then I got Covid a few days before and couldn't go, then one of her team got Covid on the day and it got postponed anyway, and then I missed seeing her at Primavera because she clashed with Phoenix. Tomorrow night will be amazing.
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  4. Great to see Europe gettin' some love!
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  5. Saw her tonight. Stunning, slick, breathtaking, classy, euphoric. A victory lap for that amazing album.
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  6. I can’t wait to finally see her tonight. What’s Your Pleasure? Was my favourite album of 2020 so it’s gonna be lit.
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  7. How fantastic is the Piece Hall as a venue? Loved it..and probably more than when I saw her in December at Leeds
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  8. WHEW!!!
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  9. So SO good tonight - in fine voice, great energy, setlist couldn't have been better. Incredible.
  10. She was incredible last night. She’s a 10/10 popstar. I hope we get more of Disco Jessie in future. She was thriving. Would hate to think that she closes the door on this vibe now.
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  11. I'm completely with @Stuart . I want more upbeat and disco Jessie and would be really disappointed if she went back into ballad territory. The upswing in dance and house music we're seeing from Drake and Beyonce could be an amazing lane for her to go with as the natural progression from Disco. I'd also love if she worked closely with Honey Dijon on the next record, the remix of Ooh La La is perfect.

  12. She said in this interview 'more groove and up-beat stuff' so I'm expecting it!

  13. Yeah (thankfully) she seems to be sticking on the dance floor. She really found her calling with this era. Truly the perfect record top to bottom.
  14. She won't ditch the disco babes, it literally saved her career.
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  15. I'll never forget her talking between songs in Primavera.

    "I know you're all here for Whats Your Pleasure..."

    Beb knows her audience.
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  16. pdf


    This remix is almost perfect.
    Just needs to be longer.
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Must've been the first gig I've been to where the old hits were the toilet break moments
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  19. Great professional recording of Spotlight and Save a Kiss live:

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  20. Good God I would kill for a live album from this tour. The arrangements, the segues, the rock solid setlist - I just want to relive it all over and over again.
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