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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. I'm there but it's all the same as Spotify ":("
  2. The TITLE TRACK!!!!!!!
  3. mpl


    Me too!!!
  4. I honestly cannot wait for this album, it feels a bit like Christmas. It's a real gift after Glasshouse.
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  5. aux


    I'm diving in ladies.

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  7. Hey ladies

    This album is magic
  8. eck


    I love this album but perhaps I'm rushing it through because I'm going to go to Haim after this but of the new songs I've heard, The Kill is amazing.
  9. W2K


    Jessie Ware said "gay rights" with this album and she served it up.
  10. I bloody KNEW this would be the AOTY, and it’s exactly that and more. She has fully taken the piss with the incredible standard she’s set here, songs like In Your Eyes, Step Into My Life, Read My Lips and Remember Where You Are are jaw droppingly good.
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  11. This reminds me so much of Róisín's Overpowered. Which means flawlessness
  12. RJF


    I am in awe at the title track. Every line delivered as a sensual sigh, how the chorus is crackling from the friction of writhing bodies she's summoning with just her voice. A master class!
  13. aux


    Girls, this album is it.

  14. Speechless. I don't even have words to describe how amazingly well done is this album.
  15. Really pleased to hear how many of you are also loving Remember Where You Are. I worried that the combo of final track/slightly lower BPM/being more of a jam than a bop might cause people to disregard it so I'm pleased by the mass displays of taste.
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  16. Ooh La La into Soul Control is giving me an outer-body experience.
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  17. aux


    The title track, the extended version of Save A Kiss and Step Into My Life had me floored. Damn.

  18. When you think she already did everything then "Remember Where You Are" comes. What a powerful track!
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  19. Wait at Mirage (Don't Stop) going all the way off in the chorus

  20. aux


    The Kill and Remember Where You Are... delicious. What a brilliant way to finish this incredible album - a major contender for album of the year.

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