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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

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  2. I am loving this album. It's so strong from start to finish.

    'Save A Kiss' keeps getting further ahead as my favourite track on the album. But there are a lot of highlights in there.
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  3. I’ve never really understood what everyone here meant by ‘warm disco’ over the last few years, and upon hearing this, I get it! It truly is one of the warmest, richest audio experiences I’ve ever had, and it leaves me hoping the sun never rises again.
  4. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    That's how
    You want it
    That's how
    I'll give it to you


    Baby it's automatic
    We touch and it feels like magic
    Baby it's automatic
    We touch and it feels like - woo!

  5. RJF


    Bob Dylan: *passes a kidney stone*


  6. A Perfume Genius/Moses Summey teas.

    dddddd at Tough Love being her worst PF rating by a considerable amount.

    So happy for her BNM score. It’s so deserved.
  7. I'm glad that Pitchfork made her BNM and also gave a nice score, that album deserves nothing but pure 10 points but it was quite a predictable score.

    Also I feel like she's going to hold her top3 position, which would make What's Your Pleasure? her highest charting album to date, I hope that popjustice will happen.
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  8. Top 3 would be an amazing result - I wouldn’t even be mad with Top 5.
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  9. The Spotlight (album version) intro


    The dramatic horns and strings in Step Into My Life


    The chorus of What's Your Pleasure the song

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  10. we want more

  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Currently obsessed with her vocals on Read My Lips. She sounds so great throughout the record but I love the element of experimentation here.
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  12. Annie's "American Cars" followed by "The Kill" is a religious experience.

    This record is phenomenal.
  13. This is already my #5 most listened album released this year. I can't stop.
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  14. It's great she's in the Top 3, but honestly I'm not mad it's Haim and Legend Dylan above her.
  15. As American trash, I have never paid much attention to Jessie Ware. I remember a moderate (at best) push in a post-Adele territory, and I was never quite enthralled by whatever previews I heard.

    But then this thread and Twitter grabbed my interest with this disco description, and I’m extremely glad that I gave this record a spin. Spotlight grabbed me instantly – what a home run of a track.

    For me, the record really restores the primal, human aspect of disco. Rather than assert the beats and strings onto the mix with authority, each element seems subtle and slides into place with a certain organic rhythm.
  16. I've been in Haimaitca since Friday so I'm finally giving this way more attention. The title track is mind-blowing!!
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  17. Which one of us is writing for idolator? She earned that 100.
  18. Is this the good sis @lushLuck?
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  19. Love how she climbed from an initial score of 71 (dddd) up to 82 now on Metacritic!
  20. Wish I could say it was. Points were made.
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