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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Also Prince in the bathtub and Private got some breaking up to do:

    only of the best retrofunkpopsongs ever.

    Also: This album needs least as a bonus-track... but Remember Who You Are needs to be the final song.
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  2. #JusticeForOvertime
  3. Does anyone know if there's a store selling the white vinyl in the Netherlands? @Laurence? Otherwise I'll have to buy from a UK store and ship to my parents' place or something.
  4. I think the white option is sold out in the UK now. The other day it was up for buy now, awaiting stock... but now showing as sold out.
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  5. It's still available here seemingly, and as as "pre-order" on Rough Trade

    Ah, fuck - when you click through to basket it says "sorry, out of stock". Annoying!
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  6. Rough Trade have it - their help section says they ship internationally but I don't know how much it'll cost.

    Edit: Oop, sorry!
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  7. OK I'm happy to spend 30 euros to get it but it says Royal Mail Priority (no tracking provided) - has anyone had any bad experiences with this for international shipping? I don't wanna be fucked.
  8. The title track is really something special. This album has really unlocked the banger potential I've been waiting for since Imagine It Was Us.
  9. I got no idea, sorry. I suggest googling the barcode with results of pages in NL only and also checking it on Google Shopping. Good luck!

    I see most stores selling them have only 1 up which is probably the regular...
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  10. Not to rub it in with @Mikal .... but has anyone who ordered the white vinyl from her site received it yet? I think I read the release date was 3rd July? But I could be wrong....
  11. Imagine It Was Us and Overtime sound so good alongside these tracks. I'm floored by the album as a whole, but the godly trinity is Spotlight - What's Your Pleasure - Save a Kiss.
  12. The Kill is the best song of the year.

    I mean...

    I've been waiting my whole life for someone who makes me feel like you do
    It's complicated, I can't lie to you

  13. This album is gorgeous, the songs are all so well done and perfectly timestamped. If you told me "Soul Control" was by a post-disco nobody from 1980 I'd almost believe you!
  14. Excuse my midweeks ignorance. What do the asterisks mean? Or more importantly, in this situation, why does Jessie not have one?
  15. This album send me deep into a Jessie Ware rabbit hole (accompanied by @2014 's Jessie Ware rate. We should do a new one in a while!). I've always liked her first album but lost sight of her after that. And after listening to all her albums I'm amazed she did this 180° after Glasshouse. Whilst the individual songs on there are nice, the album as a whole is such a drag. Did she do any interviews about the process leading up to What's Your Pleasure?
    I'm excited about what she has in store for us in the future and to have her stuff on heavy rotation for years to come.
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  16. Well, the first she hinted at it (obviously aside from releasing Overtime) was this blog post from the end of 2018. I think she felt pretty defeated after the Glasshouse tour, and she kinda went back to what the fans wanted from her.

    "Hi everyone,⁣

    As we lead up to Christmas, I write this from inside a mosquito net in India, with jungle formula and a huge bump.⁣

    2018 was an interesting and eye opening one for me. I discovered that making a podcast revolving around food is extremely fun and going into business with your mother.... well, that’s another thing! ⁣

    I’ve travelled all around playing Glasshouse for you. It feels like a bit of a distant memory those first Islington gigs back in September 2017. And I’ve learnt a lot! ⁣

    If I had a pound for every person who tweets me (albeit kindly) reminding me I am loved and to not give up on music because I’m having another baby, I’d be a rich woman I tell you! ⁣

    Although there is something far less stressful and emotional about making a podcast, or flirting with the idea of staying in India and becoming a yoga teacher, I love music and it’s my first love. As long as you want me, I will do it. ⁣

    In fact, in January James Ford and I will be producing half the new record before I pop baby number 2 out. I wonder if it will sound different to when I go and finish the album in the late summer? Basically, I have you all in my ear AND I have a fantastic record nearly written for you. So don’t worry I’m not going anywhere (apart from a load of baby sensory and Hackney’s finest rhyme times, looking sleep deprived and mad). ⁣

    I’m so grateful I got to play to so many of you and I got to do such exciting things in 2018, from touring my biggest shows to date to becoming a R1 DJ and a new voice in podcasting, but I have a feeling 2019 will be even brighter. ⁣

    Whilst you may have to wait for all the music, fear not, I have surprises in store and Table Manners will be carrying on so you can still hear my annoying voice in your ears. ⁣

    Have a wonderful Christmas. And try to relax....turn your phone off. That’s what I’m about to do. ⁣

    Love Jessie xxxx"
  17. Oh, so was the fandom very vocal about their dislike for Glasshouse?
  18. Soul Control sounds like Roisin's Let Me Know by way of Sheila E and, honestly, how did I not know until now that this is exactly the kind of energy I need in my life?

    Ooh yes, that's when the song makes a shift in tone, as though from night to day, and it's such a moment.

    (Can't stop listening to and praising this album.)
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  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Overtime is a great track but like....the album isn't any weaker without it. If anything it's the perfect bonus single.
  20. LTG


    Yeah Overtime is a bit harder than the rest of the tracks, less warm disco. It's a great standalone.
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