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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. I totally get what he said about Mirage. He is hilarious.
  2. That was cute, and it made me want to find the Glasshouse one. I remember him saying something and her responding "fuck off". Anyone know if it's still watchable? EDIT: Found it!
  3. Everything about this turns me on.
  4. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Nn I'm starting to feel bad for her about Overtime. Imagine delivering your best album ever with a whole bunch of brand new songs, only for people to clamour for a single from nearly two years ago to be included instead of enjoying the new stuff? I hope she's not taking it personally, especially because it seems like she's getting irritated about it now.

    ("What's Your Pleasure: Overtime Edition" does have a nice ring to it though if she wants to include it on a re-release ddd but the point stands!)
  5. Dead at her remembering Sam loathing Pieces 6 years later. Sam has taste!

    (I don't hate it, but it isn't my favorite)
  6. God, I remember a video of Sam singing Pieces at some soundcheck - it was hysterical!
  7. Sam commenting about Save A Kiss being that anthem and all the drive advert bops. Flawless taste.
  8. Overtime obviously feels disconnected from this project to her or something which is fine I guess. The only reason I care about it is because I personally find 'non-album singles' annoying when the album is right there. See also: Bitch Better Have My Money.
  9. Thanks! Just ordered the cassette! I've all but lost track of the amount of formats I've ordered for this album...
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  10. Same!

    Im waiting for the 'Save A Kiss' face mask.... I mean, there's an opportunity if I ever did hear one (she can thank me later)
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  11. Here's hoping they actually ship it to me despite saying that it's sold out
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  12. In terms of Overtime making it, I think she was probably limited by her tracklisting length (especially if they wanted to keep it as a single vinyl). I know it was said the early versions had an extra track and an album intro, so I’m assuming it had to come down to what she really wanted to put on there and she admitted she wanted as much new material as possible when she was asked about Overtime at the time.

    She’s still going to perform it and it’ll probably be on the inevitable deluxe edition so it’s not really a big deal. We win either way by having it and the whole album alongside it.
  13. I genuinely think Overtime would sound a bit out of place on the album.
  14. Has anyone else realized that possibly the best link in to the next track is Remember Where We Are to Spotlight.

    This album is just designed to be played forever!

    (also i want more of whatever is happening in soul control from her. AMAZING)
  15. This album is, like, Janet levels of good. I would be thrilled if she pulled a Kasey and won Album of the Year.
  16. Andy Warhol polaroids of Bianca Jagger, 1979.

    Big-Shots-2008.24.13nocolorchart-resized-for-web-1.jpg mbn_inspiration_style-icon_Bianca-Jagger_Polaroid-Andy-Warhol_pop-art-70s.jpg
  17. I've had an email from her webstore at 6am....

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  18. She keeps bringing up cream-on ice cream in interviews. What is that dddd.
  19. Just little Skopelos tingz.
  20. Mine as well.
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