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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Who is still buying Lewis Capaldi?
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  2. Heteros.
  3. Sam


    The Kill might be ... the best thing she’s ever done?

  4. So, I’m incredibly late to this party.

    Listened to this album after seeing most of Facebook timeline raving about the album (and absolutely loving it) - until now I wasn’t aware of Jessie.

    Is her back catalogue worth exploring?
  5. Yes it is! She's got a big range musically but I'd really recommend giving Tough Love a spin, it's a very different vibe to this but still fantastic. Devotion is heavenly too and has some of her best tracks (Wildest Moments, Running, Imagine It Was Us). Glasshouse isn't it but does have about 5 tracks that are worth your time.
  6. Yes but be aware her previous album are not disco like this one. So don't expect the same sound.
  7. Start with Imagine It Was Us for the disco vibe and then Tough Love or Devotion.

    I feel like I make some variation on this post about once every 3 weeks
  8. i know I should have trawled back and had a nosey - but I’m being lazy today!

    Thanks for your recommendations, along with @Kyle. & @bonnieetclyde - I shall be checking them out over the weekend
  9. I wasn't being shady by the way, more like self shade at how much I bang on about Tough Love dddd
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  11. Where would it chart with the same sales if it was released when it was going to originally? Why do I feel she lost a No 1.
  12. My white vinyl came today. I'm a bit disappointed with it to be honest. I assumed it would just be the same as the original HMV listing and numbered just minus the obi strip with the HMV branding and stuff. It's not, it's a standard vinyl packaging without any indication it's a limited release.
    That and there's a tear on the inner sleeve, a small one but it's still annoying.

    The vinyl itself looks lovely though, will have to see how it sounds later.
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  13. Curious to hear how the white Vinyl sounds. I was a bit worried since it's a lot of music crammed onto one disc, but the comments on the black pressing on Discogs have been pretty positive so far. Ordered the signed black Vinyl myself, but didn't receive it thus far.
  14. If it was released June 5 as intended she’d have hit #4 (or lower), since Chromatica, Sports Team and All Time Low all fought for the #1 in that week.

    For June 19 she’d have been (at best) #3 behind Bob Dylan and Neil Young.
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  15. That upward vocal bit at the end of ‘what’s your pleasaaaaaaaaaarre’.
    It is so brilliant, how did she know to do that?

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  16. The only track I can’t really get behind is Adore You. It just won’t click for me
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  17. oh no no no. It's magical

    I adore you
    I adore you
    I adore you
    I adore you

  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Can she release a song called Beb now please.
  19. What??? It's like a beautiful, sad love song. Her vocals on this are so heavenly as well. I mean the verses are everything.
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