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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Hallucinate by Dua Lipa. It's, like, the same!
  2. I adore all these tracks!
    Since we're stanning, I need to post these melancholic bops that James had a hand in creating as part of Simian Mobile Disco:
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  3. Doesn't care for Adore You... the lack of taste.
  4. Can we get Read My Lips ft. Kylie, please? Thanks!
  5. Not this

  6. The way the vinyl just enhances the listening experience of this album
  7. I don’t know what song, but it’s literally this gif in music form

  8. I really thought it might settle a bit after having the album for a few days, but I still can't even begin to rank favorites. In Your Eyes is at the top for me, but everything is just so good that I have no idea where to go from there. I literally haven't been able to play just one song without then listening to the entire album anyway.

    Several points were made.
  9. Funny you mention that, because Ooh La La's intro reminds me of Break My Heart, and vice versa.
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  10. Also v similar!

  11. There we have it. ALBUM OF THE YEAR!
    All the versions I wanted and more! Cant wait to do it all over again for the pending deluxe edition!
    2020 may have done us dirty, but this just makes up for it.
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  12. I think it’s harder to choose when the whole album really blends so well together from song to song too. Picking a favourite track is like trying to pick a favourite chapter of a great book. Better to appreciate the full experience.
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  13. It´s killing me too! I have it this close on the tip of my lips, but I just can´t find it.
    There are many things I thought it would remind me of: West End Girls, George Michael´s Cowboys And Angels...Even 70´s German Philly Disco Marleen by Marianne Rosenberg (gorgeous!!!).
    But in the end I think the closest for me is the beginning of What´s Happening Brother by Marvin´s this spectral "oooh"...that does it for me.

    I also find that his What´s Going On album served as a clear inspiration for some tracks (and song sequencing) on Robyn´s Honey and Know Where You Are reminds me of Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler)

    Also if you want another exceptional album full of the lushest strings, percolating grooves and soulful vocals, check out the criminally underrated album Voodoo Soul by YoYo Honey. It´s like taking a bath in warm honeyed milk with someone far too sexy sticking his tongue up your ear.
    Released in 1992, produced by members of The Chimes, it probably stood in the shadow of Soul II Soul and continues to be one of the best sounding albums I own. As usual it sounds horrible on Spotify, but you might get the gist of it. Check the monumental, orchestral album opener, Groove On and Don´t Come To Leave (and everything else).
  14. The album is clicking with me more and more each day and I love that for me. I walked from Leytonstone to Covent Garden today and stomping down the street to Step Into My Life was so fun!
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  17. The image on the bottom left is absolutely gorgeous!

    If anyone has come across HD upload somewhere let me know!
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  18. Do you mean the bottom left? The one with the yellow background?
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