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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. SCREAM but yes! It would’ve made a good album cover I reckon!
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  2. I was just confused.... i love the image in the booklet with the sparkly sleeves. That would have stunned
  3. I really am just struggling to think of another album this even quality wise. Yeah I like a few song best but there isn’t really a dip in quality for the entire run.
  4. I've been thinking the same thing. Might be one of the best albums of...all time?!
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  5. Thanks to @backstreetjoe for the recommendation to check this out. The Nile Rodgers era Diana Ross meets 80s funk production is sending me. Brilliant.

  6. A remix album?! She’s literally giving the gays everything they want, she may as well call it What’s Your Pleasuredrome at this point
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  7. Im here for this title..... @Jacques can't you get a second video call and plant that seed with her?! She can give us a Jessica Simpson roller disco video too.... just a thought
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  8. I can't imagine a world without this album. It really is perfection.
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  9. Remix album: What´s Your Measure?
  10. This seems to be holding strong... number 10 on iTunes and 14 on Apple Music. Hoping that means it will hang around the album charts for a few weeks yet.
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Surely another Mercury Prize nod is in the bag? Got to be got to be.
  12. Thank you for recommending YoYo Honey. I'm currently listening to the album and so far, it pairs nicely with What's Your Pleasure.
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  13. I finally got round to listening to this and it's a masterpiece. So hard to pick a favourite because there are so many outstanding songs, but I am really feeling Soul Control right now.
  14. This album sounds like golden bubbly champagne, diamonds, glittery disco and high heels all inside of a rainbow blender.
  15. The beginning of Spotlight into the bassline reminded me *vaguely* of Blow by Beyonce if anything, though that's probably not what y'all are thinking of.

    This album is stunning. A friend of mine was raving about it and I had a complete rush of dopamine hearing it for the first time.
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  16. Remember Where You Are has now officially surpassed Physical as my favorite song of 2020. Unless something MAJOR is released, I’m certain it will stay that way.

    It a giant, warm embrace in a world full of uncertainty.

    Every day you get up and look out of the window,
    Take a breath of morning air,
    And listen to the people out there.
    As the birds are singing a duet with the morning traffic,
    What's the one you're hearing?


    Can we keep moving in the after hours?
    Can we keep loving on the edge of doubt?
    You should let me save the day,
    Please and thank the pain away.
    Why don't you take me, take me home?

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  17. New random dancing video without her to Step Into My Life

    Is that Jarvis Cocker´s son?
  18. It's a creative way to promote each of the songs from the album. Of course I would love for Jessie to do her own videos, but these are all very well done so far. I'm enjoying them.
  19. Los Angeles. 4th of July.

    I spent the evening in Echo Park, physically distant with two friends as we watched the Downtown LA skyline slowly fade behind the smoke from hundreds of DIY fireworks. Swan boats lit up the water, palm trees glowing the colors of explosions, dogs cowering behind legs. I'd finished my whiskey and Diet Dr. Pepper, perfectly buzzed as we played songs from 2020 favorites like Future Nostalgia, Dedicated Side B, and throwbacks from Donna Summer and Jenny Lewis.

    Before I began the two mile walk home, I pulled out a joint and took a couple puffs before queuing up What's Your Pleasure?. As soon as the dramatic Disney princess intro of "Spotlight" hit, I was transported like I was hearing the record for the first time. This time, with fireworks! Everywhere I looked, every color, on time with the beat. This continued my entire walk, and concluded when I turned the corner to my street and the chorus of "Save a Kiss" crashed in. I could see the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood Sign behind the smoke. I felt at home in a way I hadn't in months.

    I was on such a high from leaving the house after three days inside, renewed from the energy of two of my closest friends, electrified by the city revealing this strange side of itself on a cliche patriotic holiday during a pandemic. I was briefly connected to what life was like before it. This album was the perfect soundtrack for a moment I desperately needed.
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  20. Well this entire post made me sob with its beauty.

    Meanwhile, I was down the street underneath a blanket to drown out the fireworks noise, chugging lukewarm White Claws, and viciously refreshing my Instagram feed to increase my anxiety/depression/frustration with every post of another white friend at a gathering...while still listening to this album & dreaming of a better world.
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