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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. At least Jessie has enough charisma to fill a drawn out album campaign.
  2. Sam


    I love factual statements
  3. This is a warehouse throwback banger. Yas.
  4. Sam


    @2014 thanks for editing the thread title dad x
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  5. Although, again, I adore Glasshouse I definitely agree she skewed a bit too far into Mother’s Day territory so if she can balance it out with bops like this I am so perched.
  6. This is... not it either, at least for me although I do have a feeling it will be a grower once I listen to it on headphones. I guess I really do prefer her sophisti-pop side.
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  7. Jessie recording Overtime

    Tip: It works really well played after Honey.
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  9. It’s out on Apple Music now!
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  10. I absolutely adore Glasshouse and y'all treating it like the devil's spawn is a lot to handle, but this is obviously brilliant.
  11. "Imagine It Was Us" x10, please.

    Edit: "Overtime" is a great start on that, Jessie.
  12. I love everything she does and this is no exception. I saw her live this summer and I still smile every time I think about it.
  13. Imagine It Was Us is fine but it really isn't anywhere near as amazing as ya'll make out.
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  14. Just got the newsletter, written with Bicep, an unexpected choice but I’m liking it!

    Also says she moved to Virgin EMI, anyone heard anything about this? Was she dropped?
  15. A thumping slow burner! The lil spoken "drop me a line... we can do this all the time... you and I... let's go into overtime" post-chorus bit is so mmhmmfmgj yaaasss
  16. She is just incredible live, isn't she.
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  17. No, it's better.
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  18. I didn’t feel anything for this when listening. I like the direction but this hasn’t done anything for me.
  19. A couple of things:

    - I absolutely love all of her records, including the most recent one, in all its luxurious, glory - "First Time" and "Your Domino", especially, slap.

    - I absolutely have wanted her to fulfil her true destiny as a disco diva and make her Overpowered ever since "Imagine It Was Us", and so I'm thrilled by this new song. Go OFF, queen.
  20. [​IMG]

    We don't need a reason,
    we just keep that feeling,
    everybody's leaving,
    we go overtime
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