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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Imagine if Overtime turned up on there as a hidden track. (I miss those things).
  2. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Save A Kiss is incredible. How is she topping herself release to release? Everything’s honestly blown me away since Adore You, including the Time After Time feature.
  3. Going into overtime with the album as it were
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  4. Wow, Save A Kiss is transcendent. It’s the first new track I’ve listened from Jessie after a while. I stanned hard for Tough Love, but kinda stopped paying attention during Glasshouse because none of the tracks really caught my attention. Consider me perched for her new music.
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  5. I’ve decided that Ooh La La would be a bit basic if the lyrics weren’t so magical. They keep me coming back.
  6. If What's Your Pleasure? is a beautiful house, Overtime deserves to live in it.
  7. "Hi everyone I'm Jessie Ware and I'm here sitting in my bathtub..."

    Her charisma is so insashable, I can't watch her without smiling. The energy.
  8. Limited to 1000 copies

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  9. Have these sold out already?!
  10. MB


    Still showing for me.
  11. Must be a UK only thing, I only get a blank/unavailable search.
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  13. Fantastic, thank you!
  14. Snatched. Easiest pre-order decision in a long time.
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  15. UK only yes
  16. You can order it outside the UK if you enter a UK postcode in the "deliver to" section, then change the address back during checkout.
  17. Sneaky!
  18. I didn't have to do this(?) Now watch me get my third album without signature after Christina and Dua nn
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