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Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Oh my god, whyyy I passed on that?! Looking forward to get my signed vinyl at least.
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  2. We are not worthy.
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Bit worried none of this or Haim has arrived in store yet not gonna lie xx
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  4. The Honey Dijon remix somehow transforms Ooh La La into something great. Queen. And Jessie's remixography is so relentlessly stellar.

    Spotlight - Icarus remix
    Save a Kiss - PS1 & TEEDS mixes
    Ooh La La - Honey Dijon

    This era alone! She should treat us with a Honey style remix album for Christmas.
  5. ddddddd I got an email at midnight* the other day saying my pre-order got cancelled because the funds from my credit card couldn't be pulled (despite credit on my card being available both now and also a month ago when I put the order in), so I'm manically scrolling around the website for another signed vinyl, couldn't find it, go to the link she put on Twitter from a few weeks ago, find it, eventually order it again, it says its gone through, but there's no chance it'll turn up now on Friday. Plus I get a message from my bank saying my card got suspended because of 'unusual activity' on it (which was this and the Saint Etienne vinyl I bought) at the same time as I got the email.

    I'm so fucking stressed.

    * - stream on Spotify

  6. Not your bank serving my dad going, 'don't you have enough vinyl' in 1989.
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  7. I had issues too! With me they refunded at 5AM one morning and then charged me the same amount again at 8PM the same day... all a bit weird.
  8. Γαμώ!
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  9. Her Gay Times interview is so good I’ll just quote the whole thing

  10. I adore her interviews, she's just a joy to watch and read.

    My stanning for this woman is mountain high at the moment, it's simply riddiculous how my stanning developed from career low after Glasshouse to career high in time for What's Your Pleasure release. And I'm so glad that we will be able to stream that brilliant album in two days.
  11. HMV just cancelled my order of their white exclusive vinyl saying Universal cancelled it?
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  12. Not related to wider stock problems (I hope), but looks like the HMV exclusive white vinyl has been cancelled;

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  13. Oh no! And yet she even posted a photo this week holding the white vinyl!
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  14. Both Jessie and Haim’s albums have arrived in stock in Tower Records Dublin. Not on sale yet though of course.
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  16. That remix is massive but I’m not surprised. Honey Dijon always delivers.
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