Jesy Nelson - “Bad Thing” + Debut Album

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Erm, they're right though?

I mean, their output might not be tarnished, and their impact might not be tarnished. But they're a group that has been a beacon of friendship and female empowerment for the last ten years, so it doesn't exactly help their brand? No members falling out over a jacket, nobody climbing out of a toilet window to escape, no 'get well soon Geri's' - for a long time LM have been held up as an example of how girlband's should work, and from an industry perspective, so much of the goodwill they've worked hard to earn over the last ten years is built on that.

Does it all reflect most badly on Jesy? Of course. But she was a vital member of this band for nine out of the ten years the band has been together, and so such a big, public fallout - regardless of who is at fault - might not tarnish their overall impact, but of course it tarnishes their messaging, and their 'M.O' that they've meticulously built over ten years. I'd hazard a guess that this is precisely why the band aren't engaging in the 'feud' and it's currently quite one sided - they realise that regardless of rights or wrongs, public fallouts don't help a brand that's been built largely on the notion of female friendship. Especially when you consider that the vast majority of public won't be picking up nuance on a forum, but getting this information from the sidebar of shame, or The Sun or Heat Magazine or whatever.

Friendship and female empowerment doesn't mean you can't ever have a disagreement with another woman. Falling out with Jesy doesn't negate what they've stood for.


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I mean… the video that “BALEGDEH” is from in the first place was a particularly egregious example of that kind of nonsense (although there wasn’t even an interviewer in the room).

Making them each imitate random accents and having the others guess?

*Cardi B voice* WHAT WAS THE REASON?
Does anyone still believe the story Jesy’s been telling in interviews that the three other girls went to her mom’s house and decided it was best for her to leave the group? They probably kicked her out of the group nn
Officially debuts at #13 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart in the US. All that drama just to fail to even make a dent on the chart…

Let's take a look at Jesy's prize for sacrificing decade long friendships and aligning herself with an anti-vaxx pedophile enthusiast
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